Glad I found this website. Newly diagnosed BC

6 years 7 months ago #47185 by TMTMTL
I am writing this in hopes that it will help someone else.
I am so glad that I found this website and forum. Wish I would have found it a month ago. It would have been a great help in finding out what to expect pre-op.

My story starts in late September of 2014. I had a cat scan done of my lower abdomen as I am a Type II diabetic with periphreal vascular disease / heart patient and needed to see what was going on because I had a hard time walking any distance.

The hospital in South-Central Pa has a patient portal and I was anxious to see the results of the scan of my illiac arteries and aorta. It was 7:02 PM when I opened the report. As was expected they found 70% blockage on the right illiac artery and 60% on the big deal...that meant I would be needing stents.

The sledgehammer was contained in a two line sentence by the radiologist tucked away in the middle of the findings. "Discovered mass in bladder. Unable to determine if tumor, recommend further investigation."

I sat for about 15 minutes looking at those words over and over again. Disbelief, anger, panic, loss, tears, emotions ran the gamut. I showed the report to my wife, we sat for a few minutes the said almost simultaneously..."Let's get this thing out!"

I am lucky in that I have a great primary care physician. He called me at 7 in the morning the next day and wanted to discuss the results the cardiologist had ordered. I said to him..."You mean the statement mass in bladder?" Within hours he had me scheduled with a Urologist.

On October the 6th I had a TURBT and am now waiting on the results from pathology. Knowing that there is somewhere that I can go and connect with other human beings that have gone through or going through this makes me feel that I am not and will not be alone in this travel.

I plan on making full use of the resources you have provided here to educate myself and my loving wife Clo. I also will be sharing my story toward survivor as it unfolds in my blog. Thank you for being here.

John and Clo

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6 years 7 months ago #47187 by Nicke
I am sorry that you even had to look for this website, but I am glad that you found it. To get the information you have got cancer is a huge shock, I know for sure, but you should know that bladder cancer is very treatable.

There are a lot of good information about bladder cancer at this website. If you can´t find an answer of ANY question, just post it here and I am sure you will get an answer.

As you have already understood, the path report from the biopsy at the TURB is the most important information for the diagnosis. Not until the report is back can the urologist make the diagnosis and make recommendation for additional treatment.

When it comes to bladder cancer, many people reccomend to get a second opinion from another urologist. When you got the results, please feel free to share them with us, if you like.


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13-1 Turb TAG1
13-5 Turb Ta low grade, multiple
13-10 Turb TaG2, multiple
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