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bladder cancer

6 years 1 month ago #47013 by sara.anne
So sorry to hear about your mother. As for "missing" the diagnosis....I am afraid that is a familiar story. After all, women have UTI's....so that is what it must be! I had a similar story, but a gyn nurse practitioner, when I mentioned repeated UTI's, told me that if I had more than three in a year I should see a urologist. I did and the rest is history.

The type of bladder cancer that your mother appears to have is "transitional cell urothelial carcinoma." Quite a mouthful, but the most common type. It starts in the lining of the bladder. IF it is caught early it is very treatable, although it has the unfortunate habit of coming back.

Diane has given you some good advice about accompanying your mother to the doctor. It is hard to absorb all that is discussed at such a visit, especially when all your emotions are involved!

Please keep us posted as to the results, and know that our thoughts are with you.

Sara Anne

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6 years 1 month ago #47010 by Flamenco.
Hi and welcome to the site, and sorry to hear that your mum has had to join our club.The results of the tumour removal ( called a TURB) should give more indication of how far into the bladder the tumour has gone,or not gone, and more information on what type of cancer it is - this will then help the doctors to decide on a course of treatment, or surgery .
The waiting for results is a really hard thing, as your mind goes round in circles with the possibilities.It would be good if you are with mum when she goes for results on the 22nd, and maybe to make some notes on the questions you want answers to, it is difficult as patient or family to take in all the information, or to remember what you wanted to ask ,until you have left the surgery. One of the main things you need to know at this time is what stage the cancer is at ( this is usually given as a T followed by a number), and indicates if the cancer cells are confined to the inner lining of the bladder, or if they have grown through further into the muscle wall, and what grade ( this is usually a letter G followed by a number). Ask for a copy of the diagnosis.
I am sure others will answer your post also, but just wanted to welcome you, and let you know you are not alone in this.

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6 years 1 month ago #47009 by smith8905
Hi I'm new to this but looks a good site for support :)

My mum has been diagnosed with bladder cancer today but has not yet been told the extent of her condition, this will be on the 22nd of this month. She's suffered with bladder infections all her life but now has come to the point where recently she's noticed symptoms of bladder cancer which spoken early has now been confirmed. She had a biopsy, CT and MRI scans last year but was told everything was ok and normal, it was just her bladder wall has thickened and has an intense infection. Unfortunately that wasn't the case because this year she's got cancer. My main point is how they missed it last year?

They have now removed the tumor and told her the cancer type is called (urothelial) carcino?
She's got go for an MRI scan next week to see if it's spread . She's had a CT scan and said it's within the bladder buy Want make certian that it hasn't spread else where.

I'm feeling like she's my only family and don't know what I'd do without her .


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