Bladder (catheter) cancer

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My name is Nick, on 8-12-14 I had a Turbt procedure done, for the second time, I have bladder cancer, while that procedure was being done it was discovered it had reached my prostate, and urether, my prostate was trimmed, I have a jj stent that was installed, before hand to prepare for the second procedure, now I also have a catheter with a foley bag, my catheter hose looks like a carburetor hose, its very wide which cause a great deal of pain, since I cant have nor had any sex in the past 2 weeks I awake often with a semi erection. This causes me pain beyond any other pain I ever experienced in my life. If anyone can give me some advice or experienced similar, please help Thanks

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Sorry I couldn't help myself. If you have looked around at this site very much, I am sure you know that we see more concerns about NOT being able to have an erection than your problem.

But this is indeed a real concern and a talk with your Dr is in order. I am sure he can help with this issue.

Good luck on your journey through bc


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