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Still In Shock

6 years 7 months ago #46376 by GKLINE
Hello Becky
I can only hope you are getting the BEST treatment from a bladder cancer specialist in a special cancer hospital.
If you feel you are not. Then get there now.
I can only hope that your husband can get chemo and it works for him.

I am so sorry to hear this.
Sorry to answer so late. I have been afraid myself recently


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6 years 7 months ago #46363 by Cynthia

I can understand that this has shaken both of you to the core.Though it is rare to go from non invasive to mets it can happen as you know only to well.

When I was going through chemo I remember telling a therapist that I didn't know how to go forward, not knowing what the future held for me. And she asked me what would I do differently if I knew, and I have given that question a lot of thought.

The first thing I did was make the hard decisions so my family would not have to make them in a time of stress. A trip to my lawyer gave me a great feeling of relief and to this day I believe we should all do so as a gift to those we love.

The second decision I made was that the only thing I could give my loved ones that could never be taken away is memories. And I have taken every chance to do that and it was the best decision I have ever made as it ended up being the biggest gift I ever gave myself. I am a very lucky woman I am years out, but still see each day as a gift.

Beckey we have seen people who have surprised their doctors and have had more time than they had predicted, people are not statistics. A lot will depend on his response to the chemo. I am sure nothing I have said here will help you or make you feel any better, but I wish with all my heart I had the words that could. The reason you have not gotten a response to your post till now is that our family here wishes the same thing.

But this I can promise you if you wish to become part of our forum family we will be here for you no matter where this journey takes you. Between us we have been through a lot and will be happy to answer any questions we can. This is a place you can throw temper tantrums, and say what you feel without worry. None of us here can predict the future but we can offer you support and caring no matter what the future holds.

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6 years 7 months ago #46358 by Beckey
Hello everyone - we are still in shock and the more I read the less hope I have. I don't even know where to begin. In June it was discovered that my husband had bladder cancer - high grade very aggressive. Biopsy did not so that it had invaded the muscle - 6 BCG treatments - scope showed tumor back - biopsy still showed it was not in the muscle - 6 more BCG treatments with interferon - scope showed tumor back - sent to specialist - another scope 3 tumors showed up - biopsy once again showed not in muscle - sent for CAT scan and a lesion showed up on liver (it was not there in July when the last scan was done) - biopsy of liver shows Bladder Cancer. Met with specialist at Emory - he gave us very little hope. 6 months with no treatment and a year or so with chemo. Now did we go from non invasive bladder cancer to bladder cancer that has spread to his liver?

Will start Chemo June 4th - Gemzar/Cisplatin

Has anyone else had this happen - is there any hope at all that my husband will be with me a few years from now?

Thank you for any help - and God bless

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