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Newly Diagnosed

6 years 7 months ago #45881 by Jar
I was diagnosed with bladder cancer early December. TURBT on December 17th, stage 1 high grade, TCC, 2.5 cm. I have had 1 BCG, then UTI so I had to skip a weekly BCG, 2nd BCG tomorrow, I hope. Want to get on with the treatments.

First BCG went well, peed a few black spots and a blood clot. Hopefully that means the treatment is working.

My doctor has not mentioned or indicated that I should have another TURBT. Which seems to be the norm here? My doctor is not talkative, if I don't ask her won't tell me anything. I had to get the pathology report to grade my own cancer sincef he could not when asked.

I should also explain, I am retired military. I have TRICARE insurance. Very limited on what doctors I can see. I have also overheard a few conversations by the Doctors employees in which they basically ridiculed TRICARE. The nurses are VERY aware of my insurance carrier, which seems odd to me. Why would a doctor participate in TRICARE if he/she felt it did not pay enough. Leaving me to wonder if I am getting 3rd class medical care.

My wife is not handling this well. Thinks I will be gone by years end. I have invited her to go to the doctor with me tomorrow and ask questions. The doctor did talk to her immediately after the TURBT.

That's my story. I will update as time goes on. This seems to be a hidden disease with very little good information out there. Best info seems to be your own experiences, so thanks for sharing them.


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