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How fast does BC tumors come back ?

6 years 9 months ago #45627 by sara.anne
Tumors can grow rapidly, but I suspect that the tumors were already there, although probably smaller. "Good medical practice" suggests that the initial TURB be repeated a few weeks later for this very reason. The first time the urologist looks into the bladder, he may not get a really good look....the second time they know a bit better where the problem areas are and can get better samples.

In my case, I was diagnosed with papillary after the first TURB, with several areas that were somewhat questionable. The second time, a few weeks later, the urologist concentrated on the areas that were questionable, and found CIS.

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6 years 9 months ago #45626 by GKLINE
You provided very little information in your post, but these cancer tumors grow really fast indeed. They may not have removed all of your tumor during your first TURB and the second TURB(a bladder resection) showed more tumor.

And THAT is the reason we push for 2nd opinions and aggressive treatment. Because if these bastards get out of the bladder, they cause all sorts of hell in the rest of your body. Imagine how tough they need to be to survive in your bladder...... Then think of how easy life can be once they get out.

My timeframe from diagnosis to total baldder removal was 2 1/2 months. That included ultrasound testing, 2 TURB surgeries and the Radical Cystectomy.

If you tell us where you are, there are great people here who can direct you to a good bc Dr. and hospital.

Thanks for finding us. I hope I helped a little.


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6 years 9 months ago #45625 by yellowroseli
I had tumor removed 11/8 and on 12/13 my second Dr found
more tumors. Did 1st Dr miss them or did they grow more that fast? I am at the point I do not know which Dr to believe. Any info

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