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Newly Diagnosed - Large Area

7 years 1 month ago #45597 by mareewifeofgreg
hello bud,
sympathizing with you in your situation, altho its my hubby who is the patient! He also fit & healthy, gave up smoking 9 years ago & is aged 59 yrs. He has just had the first TURBT this afternoon for carcinoma insitu. many years of bladder inflammation with no firm diagnosis till earlier this year when HELLO - CIS. We will see the surgeon in the morning to learn the details but biopsy results wont be back till after Christmas............ Interested to read you are fighting this thing with nature - we also have done heaps of research so Greg is on HIGH amounts of carrot juice, also beetroot & anything else highly coloured in the way of fruit & veg. No meat, bread & little dairy. Also barleygrass powder to alkalize his body,(cancer loves acidic environment) colostrum to build immunity & high dose Vit C. Colloidal Silver as antibiotic, as well as prescribed med, when discovered he had a chronic proststitis, never picked up by anyone. have also read about curcumin (same as turmeric) so have been adding that to all kinds of meals! Green tea only to drink apart from juices. many people have said how well he looks after only a few weeks of this form of eating. he has even been able to cut out one of 3 daily pain relief meds! so something must be doing good & this is all before any treatment started!
all the very best for your treatment

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7 years 1 month ago #45590 by thebudkellyfiles
Hi, Friday night I managed to drive myself into the ER with severe pain in the bladder, inability to urinate, and only a few drops of blood or large blood clots coming out. They catheterized me and I felt reborn. Then they did a CT scan, followed by cystoscopy and a transurethral resection of a large and bloody tumor that could only be 90 percent removed because it grew around one of the ureters. Now I have a Foley catheter in and am sitting home researching. A little freaked out. I am 66 and otherwise fit and healthy. Not afraid of dying really, but hoping to remain feeling good. Been researching nutrients and started chewing broccoli sprouts as the phytonutrients, especially sulforofane, are reported to kill the cancer cells. Also taking curcumin, tons of antioxidants, and a high-fruit-and-veggie diet. Anyone out there to share with?
Bud, a veterinarian in San Diego, CA

I know exactly how you feel. Even the fact that I have a lifetime of medical study doesn't quell the anxiety caused by the uncertainty. I don't know about your religious values, but I am a Buddhist type and love the Eastern traditions. They give me a lot of peace. I especially love reading The Upanishads, and Osho. If you are interested, I will recommend some sources.

Write soon,


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