Pre cystoscopy nerves!

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Pre cystoscopy nerves! was created by hopeever
Hello everyone. I will try and cut a long story short! Following a spell in hospital a year ago with intense bladder pain/urgency etc that did not resolve for weeks with antibiotics, and nothing showing on ultrasound, am now awaiting a rigid cystoscopy and biopsy.

This follows a year of frequency but no pain, sometimes urgency, no pain on urinating, although at times, to be blunt, have to change seating position to be able to empty bladder properly. Had a recurrence a few months ago of intense uti like symptoms but no infection found, but intense need to void continually, burning sensation in bladder but not on urinating, but no blood in urine, and no blood detected in urine samples, but trace leucocytes. Bloods came back normal apart from lower iron levels which I have had for years, which have improved with supplements.

Urologist stated straight away on examination etc that I needed cysto with biopsy, to rule out or confirm interstitial cystitis, and that I had urethral hypermobility. However I think the fact that biopsy was mentioned has scared me, particularly as the symptoms of IC and BC can mimic each other, and cant help worrying, and it seems from research that normally IC is diagnosed normally through cysto alone, not biopsy. My Dr. stated that if my urologist was suspicioius of BC that I would be seen ASAP, and that they do not sugar coat things nowadays, are usually very direct with suspected BC, although it would be wise to have the biopsy to rule out BC with my symptoms. Also said that although not definitive for BC that blood tests may have shown some irregularities by now, and that generally speaking having had symptoms for a year if it was BC (CIS which causes irritative bladder symptoms)then by now I possibly would have had blood in my urine and other symptoms.

The stress this is causing is quite immense, particularly as my husband lost his first wife to cancer, and I have had no diagnosis yet! I have avoided googling this too much because it always seems to be worst case scenarios that you discover! I generally feel well in myself, apart from fatigue, but I think that is caused by stress and needing to get up at night a few times.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone who is more knowledgeable than me about all this! I don't know if anyone else has had similar symptoms to myself before diagnosis? I just want to get t over and done with and know one way or the other what is causing me so many problems.

Many Thanks.

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