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Natasha, so sorry to have you here! Your diagnosis is about the best that it could be, however. It is important to know if your uro got really good samples during the TURB (removal and biopsy procedure) and sent them for pathology. The pathology report (which you should get) should indicate that he got enough tissue near the tumor to ascertain that it was indeed localized and had not extended into the underlying tissues.

If it is, as first diagnosed, "Low grade papillary urothelial carcinoma, NON Invasive" you are very lucky. However, there are some things to remember. One of the really tricky things about bladder cancer is that it likes to return. That is why your urologist wants to see you every three months for a cystoscopy. You and he/she will become very good friends!!! That way, should it return, he will be right on top of it. It is very important to keep these appointments.

I wouldn't disagree with Maree that eating right is always a good idea. However, there is no good research that proves that diet can CURE bladder cancer. Your tumor has probably been there, although microscopic, for a long time. If diet were a factor, you would have to have been on it many years ago! If you find that certain foods cause you problems (acid, spicy) then you can modify your diet accordingly.

My first diagnosis was just like yours. My urologist did a second biopsy about six weeks later (this is often considered good medical practice, since on the second try he better knows exactly where the problem areas are) and found a much more serious situation, CIS (carcinoma in situ). I had BCG treatments,, which are more effective for CIS, and am now in my sixth year, cancer free. My cystos are down to one a year!!!

Wishing you really good luck..and feel free to ask any questions you wish.

Sara Anne

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Hi. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Do some homework on how to help your body fight cancer cells from growing. We have learnt a lot in a few short weeks since my hubbys diagnosis of carcinoma insitu - superficial but highgrade. So he is off meat, bread, sugar, not much dairy & MUCH vege & fruit juicing. Cancer cells love an acid environment so the idea is to change that to alkaline. & starve the little critters right out of there! Also, high dose Vit C, Colloidal Silver, Barleygrass powder & anything else we hear is helpful!! Lemons are fantastic - put it on EVERYTHING! its amazing the differernce it makes to food. I never thought i`d see teh day my man would squeeze lemon juice over his asparagus!!Unfortuantely, the meds he is on for bladdre pain etc all more than likely of an acidic nature, but we do what we can.
I sincerly hopeyou beat this thing & that it does not come back EVER - you are too young to have to worry about such a `nuisancy` thing.
God Bless
Maree (NZ)
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Wow. Never in a million years thought I'd be posting here but here I am. I was recently diagnosed with "Low grade papillary urothelial carcinoma, NON Invasive". I had been urinating blood for several months. Abdominal CT was negative so PCP referred me to Urologist who performed a cysto on 11/8 at which time he found the 1 1/2 inch tumor. He scheduled me for surgery the very next Monday at which time he removed the tumor.

At my follow up appt on 11/18 he told me he thought we should just watch it and I should have a cysto every 3 months but no further treatment at this time. I also had an infection for which he put me on antibiotics. He was going to culture my urine to determine the extent of the infection. It is my thought that the infection is just a side effect of the 2 procedures so close together.

I am 38 yo & I have 5 children ages 20, 17, 15, 14 & 11. I am very active and don't have time for this! I need to be a wife and mother. My prayer is that we do everything we need to now so it doesn't get worse later. Any advice????


Diagnosed BC TaNoMo 11-8-13
01/15/14- negative cysto
07/14 - negative cysto
01/23/15 -new tumor found during routine cysto. Will be having TURBT followed with Mitomycin
02/05/15 TURBT, 3 tumors removed, MMC

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