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Waiting for consult-scared to death

7 years 2 months ago #44995 by joyceb
Hello All,
I am not sure if I should be posting at all since I have not been diagnosed. On Monday, my doctor called with the results of my routine lab work. Everything was normal except urinalysis showed blood in my urine and my vitamin D level is low. All blood work was normal; no infection. He told me to see a urologist. I made the mistake of searching "blood in urine" on the web. It appears that I have all of the symptoms of bladder cancer; frequent urination, waking at night, abdominal/back pain, etc. I also happened upon a study that reported low vitamin d levels increase the chance of bladder cancer by 600 percent. I am going crazy waiting for my urology appointment. I am a 52 year old female, former smoker (another risk factor) and I take lipitor and 81mg of aspirin daily.
I have two questions; What should I expect from during my initial consult with the urologist? Will he be able to tell me anything (encouraging, hopefully) or will he just order future testing? Will any testing be done at the time of my first visit? My second question is; Does anyone know of a good urologist in the south Jersey/Philadelphia area. I appreciate any and all advice.
Thanks! Joyce

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