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confused, not knowing how to proceed

7 years 3 weeks ago #44891 by MikeP
thank you for your reply
I cant believe that I didn't even list what state, let alone city I live in.
I live in the Tampa bay area of Florida.
I understand that there is a pretty good hospital , H>L. Moffitt
which I tried to contact yesterday, and left maessages to the urology dept .my urologist did confirm that he has he done hundreds of the same operation and has taught how to do them laparoscopy ( sp), and often urologist are oncologist , he is not his specialty is surgery ...
anyway im hoping Moffitt will call.. or perhaps I go and sit there Monday morning.. to get someone attention.. in the department
if anyone does know any doc there it would help
again... thanks to the two who responded

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7 years 3 weeks ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #44890 by CatherineH
Hello and welcome to the forum, Mike. Talk about a roller coaster ride in a whirlwind, getting news like that and so little time to think would put anyone into a panic.

First, I definitely concur with Sara Anne to seek out a second opinion hopefully at a major hospital that specializes in kidney/bladder cancer. I know time is of utmost importance when dealing with any cancer, but it seems to be rushed that your doctor has already planned out a surgery while still waiting on your complete test reports. Maybe he is very familiar with your case having treated you for this long, but even if you are already at a large hospital, unless they are on the list of top 10, I would still seek that second opinion. I think that applies to any major illness.

As far as seeing an oncologist, many bladder/kidney cancer specialists and surgeons are urological oncologists, and your doctor may be as well. If not, then definitely get that second opinion by someone who is. (I was treated at Vanderbilt in Nashville and most of their urology faculty are.) Since your tumor is between the kidney and bladder, I would want a second doctor to confirm that taking the kindey and a portion of the bladder is the best option. The experience of your doctor is very important to getting the best outcome.

It's tough being the family problem solver and being hit with something like this that knocks you for a loop. I know you don't want to frighten your family, but they will be your core support team along with your doctor. As soon as you can wrap your head around all this, I suggest you bring them into the discussion. It is a scary situation for all of you, but it is less scary when you have each other to lean on.

Please post any other questions as they pop into your head. There are so many things to think about when you first get that diagnosis. Many of us here have been right where you are and we're still here posting in this forum because we understand the fear and uncertainty. You will get through this!

Best wishes... Catherine
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7 years 3 weeks ago #44886 by sara.anne
Mike, so sorry to hear your dilemma. You really do need a second opinion/analysis
if only to reassure you that you are doing the best you can with this. Where are you located and where are you being seen? When we know that it might be easier to recommend places close to you geographically.

Nationally, Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Univ. of Chicago, M.D.Anderson in Houstin, and USC in LA are among some of the best. There are a number of others and we might know of one near you.

Sara Anne

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7 years 3 weeks ago #44885 by MikeP
58 yo male, doc just discovered a mass in my kidney ,he is sure it cancer due to fish test markers.
he want to remove the whole kidney,tube and cuff of bladder next Monday.
waiting on tests to have in Staged??
been seeing him for intermittent gross hematuria for a couple years
4 ct scans, 4 systomscope, cytogly and fish test.. all negative
last week all positive and 2 cm mass in tube in kidney
I do knot know how to proceed
would you go get a 2nd opinion? perhaps with an ocologist
do you know sites o that helpful??
normally in the family im the consultant, level headed ... cant think straight and done want to frighten my wife and adult children

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