Dad has bladder cancer

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From what you said, I assume that you have not received the pathology report yet. That will tell you a little better what he might be facing. I am not sure what is meant by "chemo." Perhaps he will be prescribing BCG? This is not traditional chemotherapy, but involves the instillation of the BCG solution into the bladder.

On our Home page, click on HELP (at the top), a list of topics will open up,
click on "Researched Resources" and another menu opens...go to "Doctor and Center Locator" and you will find a list of many sites for treatment, organized by state. In Ohio, Cleveland Clinic is listed. Or you may have friends or relatives in another location and you might find a good clinic there. Perhaps others reading this discussion will have suggestions.

After you get the pathology report, and see if the doctor is recommending BCG (which is the treatment of choice for many types of bladder cancer), we can help you sort through your questions.

Best of luck to you all

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My dad was just diagnosed w/ BC. He had surgury to remove 5 tumors on the bladder. We are waiting for the oncology report. I don't want them to make the mistake of going to their Dr. in Toledo for the usual treatment. I would like advise on where he needs to make his appointment for treatment. He had surgury yesterday and his urologist already said he would be starting Chemo in 6 weeks (without having an oncologist results). Who is the best in this area. They live in Toledo and I know of more than a couple people who's parents were treated by their trusted Dr. untill the Dr. said "you need to see a specalist" usually 3 months to late.

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