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Pain after radical cystoprostatectomy

7 years 8 months ago #43896 by Tintagle
Thank you for your helpful comments, George. Im gonna follow your lead in dicontinuing or greatly reducing the narcotic pain pills (lortab 10 ) and toughing iy out as u said.

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7 years 8 months ago #43893 by GKLINE
Holy Cow! Just Home and you've been through the RC without finding us? This is exactly the same with me. I found this site just after my surgery. We are practically Related somehow!

As for the pain.
This is a personal issue. Some feel the pain much more severly than others. I was so afraid of being "hooked" I filled the Loritab prescription but never used one. I just found some comfortable positions and used Advil.
But I am not advocating the "tough it out" approach if the pain is unbearable for you. I did find that during the staple removal I tried 1/2 of the tablet and it worked wonders...... slept for 4 hours.

Fine out what works for you. But I found that the pain pills I took while in the hospital, really stopped me up stool-wise. After I quit the pills, I was able to get the whole system going.

Good Luck with your recovery and thanks for finding us!


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7 years 8 months ago #43891 by Tintagle
Hello out there! This is my firt time ever to join a forum. 6 days ago i underwent radical cystoprostatectomy and ilial conduit and am now at home. Pain and abdominal swelling pretty tough. Needing to take pain pills every 4-6 hrs Good Doc support no signs of infection can anyone tell me how long they stayed with pain ans swelling?

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