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We are in trouble

7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #43651 by danielle
Here goes...4 years and 6 months ago my beloved husband was diagnosed with BC...Before surgery, he had 4 cycles of Gemzar/Carboplatin..(Carboplatin was in preference to Cisplatin which has known problems of causing hearing loss in some people...)

All was fine, bladder and prostate removed and an ideal conduit fitted, got use to it very quickly and in no time we travelled to the UK to visit family...After nine months, something showed up in the pelvic region, back to 4 cycles of Gemzar/Carboplatin..All clear on CT, six months of bliss, took a Cruise to Scandanavia..Three months on, the axe falls again, and something showing up in the stomach area..This time 2 cycles of Chemo, followed by a dessert of 30 rounds of radiation...Hubby by now feeling exhausted..Having difficulty in walking, neuropathy in the feet, difficult to climb stairs....This is a man who a few months earlier was playing tennis and swimming with his ideal conduit...

6 months ago, my Darling Hero was diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the rectum..He was in agony...Two months of decision making and he was operated on and now has a mate for his ideal conduit, a COLOSTOMY...6 weeks after surgery it was back in force for chemo, good old reliable gemzar/carboplatin...We have now finished this week 5 cycles of chemo since last May...

He suffered dreadful aenemia after every treatment...Two units of blood given..Maybe 20 units during the latter months...The high does of iron have rested in his liver and his FERRITIN reading was 4000, instead of 240 normal.Causing pains in the stomach area....They diagnosed he has DVT in his left leg and is now on daily injections of CLAXANNE in the stomach region...His hands are shaking so he cannot put his pouches on properly, so the consequences are many accidents..I can cope with that, believe me my heart crys for him..poor poor soul..

Earlier last week, I collected the results of his last CT...Its not good at all..No change, all that treatment and everything is the same, plus an addition of fluid on his left lung.The wanted to draw it out with a needle under ultrasound, but his bloods were far too low.....He is getting so weak now and losing his appetite..I am afraid to tell him about the CT results..I don't want to tell him a week before we see the Oncologist, as it will break him completely...So sorry for being such a misery, but my heart is breaking..

He still insists to walk alone upstairs and we go to the beach nearly everyday to sit in the sunshine...We live in a sunny part of the world...

Thanks for listening...

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