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I haven't been around for quite a while, in fact quite a few months. Unfortunately my husband is still battling his high grade bladder cancer. Horribly the cancer has spread to his rectum and caused him dreadful pain..A long story. He was/is coping very well with his ideal conduit, in fact was very blase about it..Swimming, tennis, life was just back to normal for him.

Usual CT early December showed something microscopic in the region of the rectum, (then he had no pains or symptoms) He had just finished his third bout of Chemo Gemzar/Carbo followed by 30 radiation treatments and he was feeling fine, except for his left foot seemed to be losing strength and he found it difficult to go upstairs..Oncologist said it was nothing and he should wait to see what will be with the next CT in three months. In the meanwhile to be sure everything was OK in the Colon he had a colonscopy and all was 100% clear..

A month to six week later he had dreadful pains in the rectum, thinking it was haemoroids he tried home treatments. He then was advised by our GP to have an Rectal Ultrasound, there they found
a hardening of the anus and it was recommended that a biopsy be done. Again hospital for the biopsy and stretching of the anus..This left him with absolutely no control of his stools and he was in a pitiful way..
Back to hospital with a blood count of 8. BP was rock bottom and he was losing weight ..We spent three and a half weeks in hospital in Tel Aviv. The Doctors and staff were second to none.
By now his colon had another blockage and if it had busrt it would have been curtains for him..He passed an operation for colostomy and its left him in the lowest of depressions. He says he doesn't know how he thought having an ideal conduit was a problem THEN, when it was first done three years ago. He lived with it like a natural part of his anatomy..He is finding dealing with the Colostomy very very difficult. We haven't been short of accidents, but that's part and parcel of the running in period..
Anyway, I just want to say, that I wondered if anyone else here has had the misfortune to pass this?
I keep telling him its a set back not a defeat and we shall get through it like we did with the ideal conduit...I know its hard for him, but he and others must never give up...We lost a good friend a few months ago to Pancreatic Cancer..The Doctor gave him three MONTHS, and he lived for over three and a half years. A good quality of life at that..So please never give up hope..
Hugs to you all.


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I am sorry to hear of his set back. I hope he will come to terms with this like he did with the ideal conduit. I am quite sure this is a lot for him to deal with, but he should be very grateful that he has someone like you at his side.

Just keep working with him and showing him that there is life after surgery. You'r understanding and willingness to help him will show through eventually. Your doing a fine job. Hang in there. Hopefully he will come around soon and accept his new normal.

God be with you both.


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Hello Danielle... I am so sorry to hear about your husband's turn of events. I do hope the two of you can work through this new development in a way that will provide him the most comfort and care. He has been through so much and had adjusted so well, and I know this has been a devastating development after getting the clean checkups.

I will keep him and you in my thoughts, and wish you the best as you navigate some very rough waters.

Hugs back to you,

Best wishes... Catherine
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