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Scared and waiting...

8 years 5 months ago #41925 by Gabby345
Thanks Guys. This has been very helpful.


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8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #41922 by upnorth
Dear Gabby,

It's always scary when you pee blood. That we all can attest to. But you have to remember that the blood can be caused by many things. I agree with George that seeing a Great urologist (one who has a lot of experience) is mandatory at this point.

Have you been seeing a Urologist through all this, or a General Practitioner?

When you do see the Urologist make sure that he/she takes a urine sample to have it tested for microscopic blood.

George is also right that you should ask to have cystoscopy (a small tube camera) done, to look into the bladder. Its is the best way of knowing what is going on in side. Here is a link to The Mayo Clinic on it:


Be sure to tell the urologist of you'r families history of Bladder Cancer. Bladder Cancer is not genetic, but having a family history of it increases you odds of getting it.

Even if they see a tumor it dose not mean you have cancer. They must do a biopsy of it to send to a pathologist to be checked. Most tumors are not cancerous, and can simply be remove and you are good to go.

Remember we are here if you need us. Don't get to worked up over all this. That is the worst thing for you to do. Lets take this a step at a time, TOGETHER.

Feel free to post if you need any help, or have any questions.


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8 years 5 months ago #41921 by GKLINE

Please don't self diagnose yourself into a panic. Please.
Yes, Blood in your urine is a symptom of BC. But it is also a symptom of other, less frightening things. And We are here to let you know that even BC is survivable.

So, lets start with what to do.

You need to get to a Great Urologist who will not rule out anything. If they want to do a look see with a Cystoscope......... That is a good thing. It's amazing what they can rule out when they take a look see inside of you. If they don't suggest this..... ask for it. I learned I had BC instantly, and in living color as I watched the monitor.
You may find that this shows nothing. Then they will need to look for other reasons for the blood.
If you have a recurrent UTI then you still need to be vigilent as this is no laughing matter either.

Take charge of your care. If the urologist doesn't use the scope, How can they rule out anything?

But, Please Slow this freight train down! And know that you can make yourself sick if you worry yourself into a knot.

Please wait. The real experts will weigh in with A PLAN OF ATTACK! Then you will be ready for the battle.


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8 years 5 months ago #41919 by Gabby345
Hey Folks! Just found this forum.

I'm really freaking out and I need to talk but don't want to alarm my family just yet. Here is what's going on...

In the last 6 months, I have had 3 recurrent UTI. Two of those times I was peeing blood. very noticeable. That had never happened before. I have never had a bladder infection or a UTI in my life but now I have three in the last 6 months. Antibiotics were working at first. The last infection took two courses of them! they were also very painful.

During this 6 month period my gallbladder stopped working and I had surgery to remove it. All the pre and post op tests show I do not have any kidney stones and all my blood work is normal. my gallbladder recovery is going well.

My grandmother died of BC. And no one can give me a reason as to why i keep getting these infections. I have a urologist appointment at the end of the month but I am trying to get it moved up with no luck so far.

Do you guys have any advice for me? what questions I should be asking my doctor?

Any help is appreciated. :)

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