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Waiting for results/diagnosis

8 years 6 months ago #41721 by MyChoice
Wow does this story sound familiar. Same symptoms, same doctor issues, and same tests. I hope it's not BC and if it is early diagnosis means everything. I should have listened to my wife early on too. You husband will appreciate your efforts trust me.

We wish you guys the best.

PC 7/2/12

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8 years 6 months ago #41716 by Markq

I'm glad you got a new doctor who sent you to a urologist. I was a cigar smoker for about the same time as your husband and blood in my urine was my first symptom. It may not be bladder cancer, but you are right to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

I had a doctor like the 1st one your husband had. He was a nice guy, but he kept missing diagnosises and being dismissive of problems in our children (he was a family practice doctor that sees patients of all ages). I fired him from all our care and 10 months later I was diagnosised with bladder cancer. If he was still my doctor I doubt I would have been diagnosised as soon as I was and my prognosis may not be as bright as it is today. Sometimes you have to take control and do what's best for you and your family.

Please let us know how your husbands test go and don't be afraid to ask questions as they may pop up. There's a lot of knowledge and experience on these boards.

47 yo, Ta G3
Diagnosed 11-24-10
BCG induction starting 12/17/10 followed by BCG maintance.

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8 years 6 months ago #41714 by DougG

Glad that your husband was able to get in to see a urologist so quickly. Please let us know how it goes. Blood in the urine was Doug's first symptom.


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8 years 6 months ago #41713 by upnorth

You did the right thing! I was peeing blood for a month before I finally gave in to my wife's (Stupid Nagging). I grabbed a Tupperware container and captured some of the deep red urine to show the doctor, hoping to prove that there was nothing wrong, only maybe an infection or something (Manly)like that.

Being the ULTIMATE TOUGH GUY that I am I drove myself down to the Ready Care. After the doctor took one look at the sample he said that we had better do some testing right away. He did not mix words with me. He said it maybe just an infection, but when I told him my father died in his mid-fifties of bladder cancer, he scheduled a CT scan for the next day.

With in a week I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. After hearing that, I wasn't so tough anymore. I had to lean pretty hard on my wife Heidi for not only moral support, but physical support also. The tests and surgery aren't real painful, but they do take the wind out of your sails for awhile.

She has never once held my arrogance, or ignorance up to my face and said (I told you so.) If anyone ever deserved a BIG chunk of humble pie, it was me.

I have never stopped thanking her for her persistence in saving my life. And she just keeps telling me to stop worrying about that, and keep fighting the cancer.

You'r husband might not say it now, but trust me he sure as the heck is thinking about how glad he is to find out just what is going on inside of him. Any time you pee blood its a scary thing.

You just stick to your guns and keep helping him until you know for sure what the problem is. I'm sure he will thank you in the end. Even if if he just says "See I told you it was nothing."

Those words would be thanks enough for me.


Age 55
Diagnosed BC 12/20/2011 Ta No Mo 0a Non-Invasive At age 48
"Please don't cry because it is over..... Smile because it happened!" {Dr. Seuss} :)

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8 years 6 months ago - 8 years 6 months ago #41712 by CatherineH
Hello and welcome... one thing you should know about this group--we're pretty hard to offend! :)

And another thing is that you are in the right place because the purpose of our forum is to bring your worries here at any time, regardless of where in the process you may be. Believe me, we can all relate to the scary side of waiting for test results.

It's often difficult to share our concerns with our loved one who may be waiting for a possible cancer diagnosis because they just don't want to hear it. His symptoms are definitely serious and to echo Sara Anne, your getting him to a good doctor was absolutely the right thing.

I do hope his appointment goes well and it is not BC but something that can be treated and cleared up. But, regardless of what the results, we are here to help and support you. Best wishes for Thursday!

Best wishes... Catherine
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TURBT 1/21/10 at age 55
Dx: T2aN0M0 Primary Bladder Adenocarcinoma
Partial Cystectomy 2/25/10
Vanderbilt Medical Center
Nashville, TN

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8 years 6 months ago #41711 by sara.anne
You did absolutely the right thing in getting your husband to a "real" doctor!! Blood in the urine is often the first sign of bladder cancer and needs to be check, ASAP. I can't understand why the first doctor didn't recognize this...you are lucky to be rid of him!!

That said, it may NOT be bladder cancer...there are, of course, alternate explanations. However, if it IS then an early diagnosis and treatment can make a lot of difference.

Keep good thoughts and let us know the results of his visit to the urologist.

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
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