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Afraid to have cystoscopy done

8 years 7 months ago #40564 by dukel
Welcome Robert. You can do it! I think most of us go into all this thinking we can't do things. We do one way or the other. After my first cystoscopy i came home and wrote a two page comedy about it. Did i like it? No. If you're nervous, take a light sedative.
As for the pain, I learned to take a pain pill or two and had little discomfort. Oh yes, Don't worry about "sitting through that type of test" You won't be sitting! You can do this, it's all about living, and the earlier you fine this the better your chances. Here's hoping you have the test and they find nothing.

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8 years 7 months ago #40563 by sara.anne
Cystoscopy is nothing. I would rather have that (and have had lots) than dental work, even a cleaning (although my late husband was an oral surgeon, or maybe because of it, I am dental-phobic!)

In fact, I wonder that cystoscopy wasn't done prior to a CT scan, which exposes the patient to a lot of radiation. It isn't pleasant, is slightly embarrassing, but is really no big deal. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK.

Go and get the cystoscopy over with. If you are nervous, ask for a light sedative prior to it. It takes about 15 minutes and then it is over.

Good luck to you.

Sara Anne

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8 years 7 months ago #40562 by Bruce22
I'm new here and new to the whole bladder world. Currently in chemo treatment prior to surgery.

I've had two cystoscopy so far and one tur to remove a small turmor which turned out to be cancerous. The important thing is to make sure the Dr uses and allows to work for a few minutes, an numbing agentg prior to scoping. Very important to relax. Very important to get it done. Good luck.

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8 years 7 months ago #40561 by robertp777
I have had bladder pain on one side of my bladder for sometime now. I have been taking Actos for more than 4 years, so Dr. concerned about cancer. No blood in Urine, no cancer cells in Urine, no indication on CT scan. (DR. said probably would be hard to see on scan if it were there.

Now they want cystoscopy done and I know I just am unable to do that. The thought makes me sick and cannot concieve the idea of sitting through that type of test. I have read here and other forums the pain that some indure and feel very nervous about doing this test.

What other options might I have? I know I will never be able to indure this test.


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