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Warren the same for me. When the scope passes throught the area of the prostate it is painful. I am advised to take deep breaths during the scope's travel. If you do require BCG the catheter is less painful, not totally eliminated though. My next follow up is in two weeks and it is already on my mind.


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Thanks for the advice, I will ask the doctor for something before I do it again. At least for the TURBT I will be out so I don't have to worry about that one. Thanks again,

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Ann already touched on a lot of it.

I had enlarged prostate and it was not at all comfortable getting cytos. The prostatic sphincter is where the tough part is for most guys. Also some are just more sensitive to it than others. Doesn't mean you're a wuss if it hurts like hell.

Our nerves are not all wired the same. I never found getting the numbing stuff to be a problem at all. It was the prostatic sphincter for me and my uro said that is very common.

As Ann said, if you have problems after, ask about antispasmodics and something like pyridium for bladder pain. That's the stuff that makes your urine bright orange.

Your doctor can also give you a Valium or something ahead of time. Just being worried or concerned about it can make it worse and a Valium can help you relax. That's also pretty common.

The other thing is to be sure they wait about ten minutes after putting the numbing stuff in there so it has a chance to work it's way down. It is still likely to make you cross your eyes each time but at least you hit your face on the ceiling!

Bottom line: there are things that can help. Talk to your uro about it and be sure he understands you mean it hurts like the dickens and not just that you're uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Hope this helps!

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Hopefully one of the guys will chime in here, but my guess is that the pain you experienced may have been due to your having an enlarged prostate, which narrows the urethra and makes it difficult to maneuver the cystoscope through that area. Although I'm not a guy, I used to have a moderate amount of pain during cystoscopies, but the urologist discovered that things went better for me if he tipped the table slightly (with my head lower than my feet). I also used to get a lot of bladder spasms for several hours after a cystoscopy, but that has definitely improved with time. You might ask your urologist to prescribe an antispasmodic, such as Vesicare, to take beforehand and maybe afterwoard if you have pain or spasms.

In terms of later treatments you mention, if it's BCG instillations that is done with a very narrow catheter, so I've found that to be way easier than the cystoscope.

I think men have it harder due to the longer urethra and the likelihood of having prostatic enlargement!


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cystoscopy pain was created by warrentug
Hello Everyone,
I have another question that I hope you can shed some light on. During my Cystoscopy everything was going fine, my toes curled when the numbing agent was put in but when the docter first put the scope in I was surprised that it wasn't bad at all......however, then he said I would feel some pressure and not to "clamp" down...then there was extreme pain! It lasted until he got into the bladder and then it wasn't bad. The trip out wasn't bad either.
Everything I have read has described the numbing agent as the worst part, not at all like what I went through. Has anyone else had this kind of pain from this? Also I was wondering if it gets better, less painful? I really can't imagine putting up with that as part of my treatments after my TURBT next month.
Thanks for any information, opinions, or advice,

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