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Can someone enlighten me?

13 years 4 months ago #3929 by debs
Hi everyone. My dad had gross hematuria just before christmas. It hurt him upon urination and there was quite a lot of blood he said although i know that it can sometimes look as though there is a lot. The doc tested his urine and prescribed him antibiotics for an infection. Eventually the pain stopped although it was never really that bad but the blood was still visible. They took another urine test and then referred him to an oncologist ( is that right?). He had to have a cystoscopy where they told him that he had a "red area" they wanted to look at but he would have to have a general anesthetic for it. After this he had a ultrasound scan and a test where they injected dye into his body (sorry, don't know all the technical terms!). Well, he had to go into the hospital a week and a half ago where they did a biopsy. He was allowed home the same day as he didn't need a catheter and everything went ok. I'm really not happy though with the lack of information they gave him and my mother. Unfortunately, my mom and dad tend to plod along and just do as they're told. Would i be right to say that what my father had was a TURBT? And if this is the case does that mean that he definitely has cancer or would they do this even if they suspected it might be? Also, if it looked like cancer, would they cut away all of the suspected area? He hasn't had his results yet and of course we are all out of our minds with the worry. Its such a stressful time and incredibly scary as you all obviously know! By the way, the blood in his urine cleared up about 4 or 5 weeks ago although i know that this can happen even if you've got cancer. Can someone please shed some light on this for me. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you and take care. Debs.

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