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Just Starting the journey

9 years 1 week ago #38720 by jimswife
Wow, Grey, you sound as if you have been through a lot. You have come to the right place for information, support etc. I am sorry for the loss of your wife. I know that had to be so difficult and now you have what I refer to as the b**tard cancer BC. Grrrr nasty thing! I will check back after the 5th to see what your doctor has to say. Can tell you that there is indeed life after cystectomy as many will tell you here. My husband is the person in my life who has had the BC not me. But, as you are all too aware, when your spouse has a cancer you also feel it. Just wanted to let you know we are here for you and let us know what the doctor has to say about your BC. Also, if possible maybe get a 2nd opinion if needed or if you have any doubts about what is found by the local urologist. This cancer does require expertise that maybe others may not. Meanwhile, pet Dot for me.

Take care!

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9 years 1 week ago #38719 by Grey
Hello to all
My name is Doug . Im 64 ,widowed for almost 9 years lost my wife to ovarian cancer after a 3 year battle ,I was her caregiver untill the last 5 days when she went into a Hospice facility. I live alone with my trusty Chihuahua mix named Dot ,who will soon be 10 and has her own health issues but is happy and pain free and my constant companion. She saved my life when I lost my wife and I am now doing the same for her. I live in a small central Illinois town that thankfully has a brand new state of the art Hospital.
Short version of my adventure so far. Several months ago I was having frequent urination with slight discomfort ,came and went .Then I finialy noticed some pink in it and saw a Uroligist,we schedualed a cystoscopy under sedation as I was sure it would end up more than a quick peek inside. I awoke in the hospital with a Folley cath, was ther 2 days and sent home with cath antiboitics and pain meds,again alone pretty good challenge.The cath was remover 4 days latter. Quik diagnosis was he found a cancer tumor on the top of the bladder,and proceded to scrape off all he could .Since then have had CT scans and complete bone scan,it was great fun as I had a sever reaction to the tracer and rushed to the ER barely consious and thinking it was all over.He said at first a radical cystectomy with externial bag. I go to see hime in a few days and all the test results and labs should be in hand then,and should know way more.Ive also been troubled with reaccuring Malignat Melanomas,he is concerned they may have matastisised . So for the moment I continue caring for myself and Dot . I will post more info after the Doc visit./consult the 5 th of Aug.

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