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9 years 7 months ago #37810 by GKLINE

This is a Good thing. I have been watching your posts for a while and could NOT understand why the arrows were not pointing in this direction. The Neobladder Writing seemed to be on the wall. And I am here to say "Let's Do this!" It is time to get cured!

I am speaking as a patient.... not as a medical expert. I don't even play one on TV.

I was in the ICU after my Surgery...It was an 8 bed room with constant nursing care. They had me up the day after surgery, and as Mike will repeat...chewing gum.
I was in the hospital for 10 days. Lost 25 pounds (a good thing)and didn't eat a thing all the time there. They brought me my first meal as I was walking out of the hospital!

I has a catheter and a kidney drain when I left. I had the catheter removed 2 weeks later, and the kidney drain was left in for another 2 weeks. That was THE MOST Important thing in MY LIFE! Get them out.

There have been bumps in the road to recovery. I rmemeber walking around the block the first time and feeling so accomplished. But soon I was walking 2 miles at a rip. I kept my chin up and constantly reminded myself "I will get through this! and I will be cancer free!"
My wife and I did this cancer thing together. And we came out stronger for it.

YOU WILL TOO! I just know it!

Best of Luck!

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9 years 7 months ago #37806 by dukel
Dana. Sorry you and your husbands world is spinning out of control right now. Knowledge is the best thing you can have right now to help you both to get through this. Pat and Mike are very good at helping people acquire that knowledge. I hope you listen to them. As for knowing what to expect from the surgery and recovery, you can go back and pickup a thread like mine from a year and a half ago and follow it all the way through till now. Not just mine, but others too have documented their story from early on, right through surgery and total recovery. By doing that, it is like having a road map to help your husband and yourself navigate the journey you are starting. I will be following your progress and wishing you both the best.

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9 years 7 months ago #37796 by Lynda
Dana -

Unless something doesn't go according to plan during surgery or in recovery, I don't think he will be in ICU. Usually a week to 10 days is a typical stay for most people, your Dr. will be the decision maker on this one.

As far as drain tubes, my last one came out a month after surgery (new suture thread, didn't disinegrate as fast as they thought). Still, I did walk around the house and go for short car rides.

The hospital will probably have him walking the day after surgery, like Mike said, even walking in place next to the bed. Movement is important, it wakes the body up and gets organs and systems moving after being messed with.

The Men and bladder cancer section will have more stories and info. on the neo-bladder. Any little wrinkle that can happen, I think one of the guys has been thru it and lived to tell the tale. :)



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9 years 7 months ago #37789 by Dana
Hi again,
just found out surgery will be for the neobladder next week, will get all the info I need on Monday when we see the doctor.
I need some information (either someone can tell me or tell me how to find it on the site) about the hospital stay. I am just anxious and want to know the basics.
How long is the hospital stay usually?
Will my husband be put in ICU?
How long will he have tubes sticking out of him?
When will he be able to walk around at home and out of the house (I don't mean anything difficult, just to not be in bed)

Thank you to everyone for answering, no matter how much I search the internet I always come back here for down to earth practical info.
P.S I am still writing in newly diagnosed as my husband was only diagnosed a month ago. Also, is there anyone on the site that has had all this happen to him in only a month?

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