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Thank you

9 years 8 months ago #37545 by jimswife
Golly, George, you are so right. Often the patients every need of the moment is being met yet the pained, scared, overwhelmed caregiver who feels helpless is on the sidelines. That is just one of the many reasons this forum is so very helpful. It has given me support when I faultered, it has answered questions when I didn't know where to turn and given me a shoulder to cry on when it just was too much for me. I will always be grateful to the folks here for helping me through one of the most difficult times of our lives. Jim is doing great at the moment even with his lymph involvement and all the rest he had back in August and we are moving forward with our lives always knowing what I refer to as the b**tard cancer is out there and a threat but we move with so much more confidence that came from knowledge. I always forget who said it and is quoted but indeed knowledge is power and we feel empowered by this forum and the great people on it such as you, George and so many others! Thanks to all of you and Dana don't ever give up hope or stop trying. And DO take care of you. I know you have many others (3 kids) to tend to but you must take care of you and make time for you to decompress. This is a difficult journey and you need all your strength possible! Take care we are here for you!

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9 years 8 months ago #37527 by GKLINE

You are so very welcome! Sometimes the caregiver is overshadowed by the disease. I know my wife suffered through this ordeal equally (or even MORE) than the patient.

As they say at the Urologist ... "All of your inhabitions are stripped away" This site has no boundries. Not a single question is considered silly. Every technical,or emotional question is out of bounds. Everything is on the table, and we are glad you are here.

No....... "Thank YOU!!"

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9 years 8 months ago #37503 by jimswife
Hi, Dana, you are so welcome and know that we are all here to help in any way possible. I often write to newcomers that the first time I came to this forum I was terrified and I left equally terrified. But, one of the members sort of took me under his wing and assured me that the folks who were responding were doing so to help me not scare me. What they didn't realize was I was so frightened and overwhelmed by it all that I could barely think or function. God love you with three little ones. Come back as often as you can and you will find that no one here will think your questions are silly or otherwise, but will answer them as best they can. They also are a bottomless source of options, links to sites etc. I have found this to be an amazing group of caring people.

Again, know we have all been where you are right now so we know pretty much what you are feeling. We are here to help! Take good care of yourself too!

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9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #37499 by mmc

Yes, it is tough on everybody.

Blood in the urine after the TURBT is common. They did cutting and he had a bunch.

Blood in the urine for no apparent reason, is one of the reasons to see a urologist because it is one of the symptoms of bladder cancer (sometimes). Although, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise can also cause temporary bleeding.

Fatigue can certainly be a symptom of worrying. Who the heck could blame him for some amount of worrying???? We all advise against worrying but it is just human nature in situations like this.

None of your questions have been silly at all. All questions (related to bladder cancer of course) are welcome and nothing is too personal.


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9/2013 finished chemo -cancer free again
1/2014 ct scan results....distant mets
2/2014 ct result...spread to liver, kidneys, and lymph...

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9 years 8 months ago #37498 by DougG

Please do join us in the chat on Sunday evening (8 PM EST). There are usually less than a dozen of us there, but someone on there should be able to answer any question you might have....and sometimes, we just cut up and have a good time. Hope to see you Sunday!

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9 years 8 months ago #37497 by Dana
I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has answered my questions on the forum. I truly don't know if I have asked silly or logical questions but at the moment I am so in the dark that any information I get is appreciated.
I have also come to realize that wives do come under a lot of strain, I love my husband dearly and try to help him as much as I can but it can be difficult at times as I am also a working mother trying to raise 3 young children without burdening my husband with the everyday problems of life.
I often open my e-mail and hope to find someone has posted an answer to my questions on the forum.
My husband often questions even little things that happen to him now (fatigue, blood while urinating and so on) and it can be difficult at times to reassure him, so once again thank you.

P.S I am thinking of taking part in the chat room on Sunday, do many people take part and is it helpful?

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