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exercise/rehab following bladder removal surgery

9 years 8 months ago #35712 by BillM
Hello swag,

Sorry to hear about the outcome. My doctor made sure that I totally understood that an Ileal conduit might be an option during surgery since there’s no guarantee of what the cancer has done. The surgery is the worst part of the journey and your past that.

Talk to your doctor about returning to work. There’s really no reason why it might be a problem after you get back up to speed, but again ask your doctor.

Do you have a big comfy couch or recliner? I had to do that until the catheter came out.

Get better and keep us up to date!


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9 years 8 months ago #35702 by mmc

Sorry to hear it was worse than anticipated. Not sure I would write off being able to get to full active duty again unless the doc said something to you about it. You can still do everything, just with the bag attached.

I'd check with the doc about prescribing a sleep aid if it continues to be a problem. It may just be it takes getting used to being in a different position than you were used to but it may not hurt to take sleeping pills for a bit.

I hope your recovery goes well!

Was the cancer still contained to the bladder or are you going to need chemo?


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9 years 8 months ago #35695 by CatherineH
Hello Swag... So sorry your diagnosis was worse than expected. The good news is that the major surgery is behind you and now you can concentrate on your recovery.

Best wishes... Catherine
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9 years 8 months ago #35694 by Swag
Hello Im back.
Released from hospital today (8/12/2011)
Thankyou to those who replied to my post. I haven't had the opportunity to respond until today .You are all so supportive and encouraging . My surgery did not go as expected . The cancer is more advanced than anticipated . Therefore the neo bladder was not an option and I was given an ileal conduit. My expectations have now altered somewhat in regards to return to
full active duties as a firefighter.Anyway i will deal with that down the track. I am having trouble sleeping and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that would help.I previously slept on my stomach but now cannot due to bag.Any help appreciated.Cheers for now. swag

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9 years 8 months ago #35541 by Rockyiss
Hi Swag, I have had tumors taken out but still have my bladder so I don't know about the neo surgery. That said if you are a firefighter you are most likely in good shape to start with and you are not afraid of the work that it takes to stay in shape.
Like a big fire it might kick your butt for awhile but from listening to the others on here you can slowwwwly get yourself back to a good and productive life. As for firefighting well you never can tell when you will get back on and tell us about a big fire that you were just on and how good you are doing.

My husband had cancer that really knocked him down three years ago. Everyone thought he would never be able to do what he does.{ constrution}. Today you would never know what he had gone through if he didn,t tell you. Other than alittle nerve damage in his legs from chemo he still out works his guys and they just shake thier heads. He is a very determined guy and loves the work he does and made up his mind that this was going to be a bump in his life not a road block. He told the Drs. do what they had to do so he could get on with his life. blessings and prayers to you Rocky p.s. he is 59

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9 years 8 months ago #35535 by rudyskier
Good luck Swag...
About the lifting and getting back to strenuous exercise, just take a lot of time and do it a bit at a time. I'm one year out now and can do anything that I did before the NEO. Actually, some things are even better than before, like not having to pee every 1/2 hour or so. I can take a car ride up to the mountians (with coffee) and don't need to stop until I arrive. I did not try any lifting for about 6 months.
All the best

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