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six weeks post op

9 years 6 months ago #35399 by Flo
Hello all,

sorry I have not been on lately trying to adjust to new way of life. Had my 6 week post op yesterday. Doc says all looks good I still have some pain in lower abdomin but Doc says he is not worried about it because he had to do so much (RC with Indiana pouch, removed 22 lymph nodes and surrounding tissue, and scrapped the whole vaginal track to remove all scar tissue)he feels it could be a couple more months before i am pain free. He would only allow me to go about 2 hours during the day and 3-4 at night between catherizations until yesterday now he wants me to get on the scedule i was given from the stoma nurse so i am now going to try to go 3 hours this week 4 next and so on. He thinks that in a month i should be able to stop setting alarm at night and possibly go all night with out catherization. Does this sound realistic to others out there with an Indiana pouch.

I am really starting to feel much better and the pouch (Named him Indy)works really well he does get alittle testy at times. Feels like he trys to push out cath, and sometimes is very difficult to drain (lots of mucus doc did not want me irrigating every day felt it would be too much pressure on it but as of yesterday wants me to do it once a day). Last night i was able to go 4 hours and woke up on my own with out alarm feeling pressure letting me know to drain. As of now I am really happy with my decision to do the indiana pouch.

I wanted to thank everyone on this site for all the information, support and tips. I really feel that all the little pre and post op tips that you all gave me really have helped in a speedy recovery. Yes it has been a long hard road but i really think that it is all going to be great.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New year. Flo

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