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1 week from RC nerves and questions

10 years 5 days ago #34534 by Patricia
Sweetie..see if the doc will let you have some Ativan to calm you down and will also settle your stomach. They actually sent me home with it as it really takes care of any nausea also.
Some do the NG tube..some don't. You'll have to ask the doctor.
IV fluids are the norm until you have a bowel movement and believe me you won't mind one bit. If all goes well..you get up and walk and get things moving you can be out in 5 to 7 days. A little hint...chew gum..it keeps the digestive tract active..just don't swallow it!!!

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10 years 5 days ago #34532 by mamatrausch
Hello to all my BC family
Im 1 week aout from my RC at Unv of chicago with Dr Steinberg.
(OCT 27)I am feeling quite jittery and find Im not sleeping keep waking up with heart palpatations!!! I was wondering if you are able to drink any liquids when you first come out of surgery or that day or just IV for a day or so? Also does everyone get an NG tube? I hope not, I have been having bad esophageal spasms at night trying mylanta and carafate and cant imagine a tube besides..Is 1 week the norm for a hospital stay?? Thanks Julie

T1/G3-CIS 10-01-2010
10-27-2010-Indiana Pouch

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