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What  is  the  prognosis?

13 years 7 months ago #3429 by catcat
My  mother 65, lost a lot  of  weight  and  was  diagnosed  with  urinal track infections  last spring. She  was  treated  accordingly. In May  2006 she  presented  hematuria. She  contacted  reluctanly  an  urologist, and  after  the  cytoscopy got  the  diagnose bladder-cancer. In July  she  underwent TUR, a huge  tumor was removed. She  got intravestical chemotherapy  after  the operation. I  do  not know  hoew  many times. They  also  made  a scan  for methastasis. My  father  happily  announced: Not  invasive. The  patologist  report  arrived  in late  July with  the diagosis that  there  was  muscle  invasion. My  mom  was  to  have  a  checkup  in  September  but  it was  moved  to  August. I tried  to  ask  my  parents, both mom  and  dad separetaly  about  the situation, the  answer  was and  has  been  since that  they  do  not  dicuss  it.

I  know  so  much  that  the checkup  in  august  was  negative, no  recurrence. Ok so  far  so  good, but  after that  it  has  been  silence. They  have  forbidden  the  doctor  to  tell  me the  situation. At  the  moment  I  do not  even  know  if  she  has  aný  form of  treatment. I  only  know  that  she was  to  have  a  check-up  again  in  december, but  i  do  not know  the  outcome  of  it. My  father  is  67 in  good  health and  active. But  he  has become forgetful, unconcentrated  and on. My  mom is  keeping  him  on  a  leach, not letting  him  even  meet  me privately. When  I  ask  about the  situation  and  how  they  feel He  says Great. But I  have  a  feeling that this  is  only  a  fasade  that  is  kept  up. And  I  am  wondering  what  kinds  of  treatments she  get and has. What  kind  of  medications  she  has  to  take and  so  on, Or  could  it  just  be, that she  does  not  take  any. I  feel  very  lost  in this  situation.

I  also  worry  about the  weight-loss she  suffered  from  previously, she  has  gained  a  bit , but  not  much. And  i  have  read  that  this  is  an  indication  of occult  metastasis (?)

I  have no  idea about  the stage  or grade of  the  bc. I  understand  is  has  to  be  T2 if  invasive, but the  grade, is  it  true  that  T2 usually  is grade 3  or heigher???? And  what  is  the  recurrence rate for  this  type  of  cancer, and  the probablility  of  micro metastasis, not found  when  diagnosed? And´how  long can  the  micrometastasis stay inactive and  are  there  any symptoms when  they occur?

I have  been  on  this  website, and  i  have  gotten  a  lot  of  useful  information from all your  inputs , and  i  do  wonder  if there  is anybody out  there  who  would  know something  about  a  situation  like  this. All  knowledge  easies  the  pain and  the  sufferings.

All  the  best to  all  of  you

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