2nd TURBT /BCG/ Surgery ?? I feel rushed!!!!!

10 years 4 months ago #34212 by mamatrausch
Had surgery on Monday removed 5 1/2 inch tumor. No bleeding minimal pain. Then mitomycin-C instilled in bladder. Next day soaring blood pressure 180/110 weird lurching sensation in stomach and chest. Back to ER monitered my heart (had heart attack 10years ago 42 yrs old) Heart great. Still feeling lurching and light headed blood pressure is under control. Maybe chemo?????
BIOPSY RESULTS 1. Left Bladder neck Tumor Biopsy high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma with focal and minimal invasion to lamina propria. I assume this means T1/grade 3 (didnt give #)2.bladder tumor deep margin biopsy/ no invasion to muscularis propria.
Surgeon wants me back in for second TURBT within 10-14 days
go deeper make sure clear muscle.
surgeon said if clear BGC or RC but he said BCG within a few weeks of 2 Turbt. I need to FIND!!! and talk to surgeons before making these descions (My surgeon doesnt do RC)Do I need 2nd TURBT if I choose RC????? Should I start BCG if I want RC???? Thanks to all here Julie

T1/G3-CIS 10-01-2010
10-27-2010-Indiana Pouch

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