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10 years 1 month ago #33483 by GKLINE
I remember my Turbt as being painless and NOT being allowed out of the hospital until I was able to empty my bladder completely. They even brought in an ultrasound machine so I couldn't cheat!

I barely remember any instructions as I left the hospital the first time. But they did say that blood in the urine was going to be normal.

I do remember mowing the lawn the next day though. I don't actually remember mowing as much as I remember my wife giving me the 3rd degree after she came home and saw it done.



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08/08/08...RC neo bladder
09/09/09...New Hip
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10 years 1 month ago #33471 by Flyrod
Thanks for all the replies everybody. I am going to avoid lifting anything else and give it a chance to heal. I will just walk a little and do some computer work.

Also, I thought it would be a good to start a thread on probable cause where everyone can state where many think their BC may have come from if they have a clue. I am sure mine came from my employment as I have been around the handling of bulk petrochemicals for over 24 years. I know it will not help our future, but it may help others researching the subject that may pass on the info to the younger generations. If there is already a thread like this on here, I would like to add my two cents. I certainly wish someone would have stressed the strong connection between Petro chemicals and bladder cancer to me 24 years ago. Even today they only talk about the Benzene and Leukemia connection.

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10 years 1 month ago #33465 by mmc
My first one wasn't so bad (10/2006). I stayed around the house and worked from home. I had my own consulting business at the time so it was pretty easy. I didn't even have to go home with a catheter from that one. In a few days, I was fine.

Second one was bigger deal (8/2008). Had a catheter for three days. No lifting. Was working for a consulting company then and worked from home during that week. Six days later I was flying to a client site. I packed a little lighter that week and I think I may have asked someone on the plane to put my bag up in the bin since I didn't want to risk an overhead lift.

Was perfectly fine the next week.

Third one was the following month (9/2008). Didn't need a catheter for that one. Got the TURB and a TUIP on Friday and flew to MD Anderson for a 3nd opinion that Sunday. I went home same day for that one and did not go home with a catheter.

Got my neobladder the following month so no more TURBs for me. :)


PS: Sorry it took me a while to answer this one. I had to dig through my calendar back from 2006 to 2008 to see when I traveled after the procedures. I also put things like "Got catheter out" in my calendar so that's how I was able to track this down.


Age 54
10/31/06 dx CIS (TisG3) non-invasive (at 47)
9/19/08 TURB/TUIP dx Invasive T2G3
10/8/08 RC neobladder(at 49)
2/15/13 T4G3N3M1 distant metastases(at 53)
9/2013 finished chemo -cancer free again
1/2014 ct scan results....distant mets
2/2014 ct result...spread to liver, kidneys, and lymph...

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10 years 1 month ago #33463 by Patricia
geez...i hate to even post..but i had no blood after my TURBS...wasn't even given instructions not to do anything.
AFter my cystectomy i got those instructions not to lift..

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10 years 1 month ago #33462 by Moonerj
Sounds like you should listen to your doc.(lol)
My 1st Turbt was the worse one for me, had 3 tumors removed and 1 of them was quite large. I like you, felt 100% so thought I could do my normal routine, but also like you, every time I over did it the blood would flow.
Took me about 6-7 weeks before I could do all the chores again, although I thought Debbie should just carry on taking the garbage out.:)
My next 2 Turbts were both very small tumors so not so bad, back to normal in a couple of weeks.
My last Turbt was 33 months ago, been very lucky that the BCG treatments I had seems to be keeping those darn tumors away.
I wish you all the best,

TA Grade 1
3 Turbts
30 BCG Treatments
Cancer Free since Nov 2007

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10 years 1 month ago #33459 by Flyrod

Thanks for the reply, No more lifting or moving weighted items for me. Reading through some of your posts, it seems you were working while going through your TURPs. Did you move around (just walking and getting in and out of cars) after your TURPs ? I know each case is different, just looking for some data points. I really don't want to sit on this couch for another week.

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