Some \"POST TURBT\" Questions We Asked Our Surgeon

10 years 10 months ago #32625 by New Diag 7
I am certain there are many other good questions that could be added to this LIST. Would appreciate reading questions that others have asked their surgeons....or are thinking about asking their surgeon/s. Please help by adding to this list.
Thank you so much,

What is doctor's interpretation of the pathology report____________?

Stage?_______ Grade?______________

What are the most accurate tests you can prescribe to assure us the cancer has not metastasized to any other place in the body?

What would be the safest protocol to follow to make certain BC does not metastasize_______?

What kind of test and how often should test be done to be certain there is no recurrence or metastasis_________________________?

If you were to take yourself and can visualize yourself or your loved one in the same medical situation with the same stage and grade of cancer; with all your knowledge and expertise, what exact course of action would you recommend to give you the best survival odds at beating Bladder Cancer__________________________?

Pet scan? Do you suggest having a PET scan now___?
..... and then how often after the first?______________?

Do you recommend another Cystoscopy or TURBT before making any further recommendations for treatment?

Should we decide to have you provide treatment, how quickly would you be ordering treatment and or surgery____?

If neo adjuvant therapy is recommended, is it based upon pathology report, or is it prophylactic in consideration of surgical procedure?

What is the success rate of neoadjuvant therapy ?

What reasons would indicate treatment for BCG/interferon..... versus cisplatinum/Gezmar?

If an RC, do you do all three types of diversions?

Which diversion have you done the most of _________?

How many per year do you actually do of each______?

Please clearly explain each diversion? ______________?

If positive nodes or signs of mets are found, will RC surgery still be performed______?

Is incontinence more of an issue with one diversion versus another______________?

Is infection more prone with one kind of a diversion versus another _________________?

Would there be long term implications for other organs, specifically my kidneys________?

Which diversion is the easiest to recover from and why?_________________?

How much intestine will you take for RC_________________________________?

I read that without cecal valve, bacteria from large intestine can reflux into small intestine causing this so? _________________

How many lymph nodes will be removed during surgery_____________________?

If diversion deems use of Ilieo cecal valve to help prevent urine back-up...will you use it?... and why_________________?

What has been your success rate with nerve sparing on the prostate removal______________?

What is the most frequent complications have you experienced during surgery________________?

What is the most frequent complication post operatively______________________?

Can I donate blood in advance for my surgery____________________?

Is there a way to flag my chart so that I can use my own blood if transfusion is needed________________?

What labs will be monitored after my surgery________________________________?

What kind of pain management will be used_____________________?

How long is the surgery__________________?

How long is recovery _________________?

Will I be in intensive care __________ ?

If so, how long___________?

What kind of medications will you prescribe after surgery and what are they for_____?

What kinds of tubes will I have after surgery?_________?

How long will tubes remain in____________________?

May I have the name of the anesthesiologist so to discuss things with him,/her______________?

Will someone provide updates to my spouse during surgery?___________?

Does he automatically place his patients on Senna to help with bowels______________?

What things are done in your role as a surgeon to minimize the risk of your patient having an ileus______________________?

What changes in diet or lifestyle would you recommend to make your treatment more successful_______________________?

How often should I have specific vitamin B-12 test run______________?

Will I need B-12 shots after surgery? _______________

If so, how often?___________________

Will I have any limitations regarding my work? _______?

When can I plan on returning to work___________?

Physical limitations? __________________________?

How many times would we have to see him for post-op check ups______________________?

How much of the post-op care can be comfortably transferred to the area where we reside?_____________________________________

If neoadjuvant therapy, would it make a difference if it were administered in the state where we reside______________?

Is there post-op nursing advice phone lines available, should we have questions or concerns after surgery when we are home? _____________________________________________________?

If so, may we have the numbers where to reach them_____________________?

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10 years 10 months ago #32628 by Patricia
please refer me to where you read ileal cecal valve will cause back up from large intestines and cause diarhea? My ileal cecal valve is my stoma on my Indiana Pouch and i have NO diarhea...
??? Pat

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10 years 10 months ago #32629 by New Diag 7
Hi Pat..
I had read somewhere and will try the find the article, that the ileal cecal valve was used to help prevent urine backflow. I don't know about diarrhea....never read anything about that.

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10 years 10 months ago #32630 by sara.anne
Cheryl, that is quite a list of questions!! It might be useful to categorize these according to preliminary diagnosis? Some of them are not relevant, for example, to non-invasive bladder cancer and might cause unwarranted "panic" and confusion for newly diagnosed patients who are already having trouble understanding their predicament.

For example, and others may correct me here, BCG is usually given without interferon unless there are confounding issues or ineffectivenss of initial BCG. And BCG is given for non-invasive bladder cancer; chemotherapy only if it has signs of metastises or penetration...they are not an either/or. Not sure that PET scans are routine here.

You have done a great job of raising some issues that need to be considered!

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
Forum Moderator

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10 years 10 months ago #32633 by New Diag 7
Hi Sara Anne..
Happy the questions could be of help. I should have prefaced in my post that those were a list of questions that I had written out "specific" to our pathology. I am hoping people will select the questions they wish to use for their specific problems.
I would imagine not everyone will find every one of my questions of use.

Maybe I will check to see if I can just go in and edit the post.

Thanks for your input.

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