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Baby Sister Diagnosed w/BC

13 years 3 months ago #3023 by wendy

Just have to add that when I get together with my sisters, some of the best laughs we have had are over the darkest things...things that you only can laugh about after your life is touched by something as dark as cancer. But basically, people don't change all that much. What you found funny (or not) before, will be just as funny, but you both will have learned something valuable, or at least have had it driven home. Cancer can help open our eyes sometimes, and help us focus on what's really important. Not always of course, but many times. Like I said, we don't change much but if we're lucky we can get just a bit wiser.

Good for you, ordering that book. There are many more resources for bladder cancer these days than when my sister was dxed in '98. Information is much easier to find and more patient friendly than ever. Still, bladder cancer lags behind other cancers when it comes to awareness, especilally with women, because it's supposedly an old man's disease.

From where I've been sitting all these years, bladder cancer effects way more young people and women- young and old- than anyone ever realises.

Don't lose heart as there are many treatment options but bladder cancer has excellent long term survival stats. There are hurdles ahead and uncharted territory, to be sure, but this state is also temporary.


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13 years 3 months ago #3022 by bigsis
Hi, Wildbill and Wendy,
Thank you both for the words of comfort.  And for telling me about your own experiences.

Wildbill, I'll pray that your appointment on 1-15-2005 shows no regrowth.  {{{{{cyberhugs wildbill}}}}}  Thank you for taking the time to write.

Wendy, yes, baby sis and I have many years of laughing ahead!  Thank you for putting that thought in my head!   {{{{{wendy}}}}} I 'll do my best re the pathology report(s).  

On another thread here, someone recommended the book "100 Questions and Answers About Bladder Cancer," by Pamela Ellsworth, M.D., et al.  I ordered it from amazon.com yesterday.  It should arrive this coming week.

Meanwhile, I will visit this site often.  Prayers and good wishes to all who have been touched directly or indirectly by BC.

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13 years 3 months ago #3013 by wendy
Hi BigSis,

My big sister has bladder cancer, and I'm the little sister, but I do know something about what you're feeling.

Things have changed and life will never be the same now, but you and your sister will still be able to laugh about things together.

I'm glad she has come back home for treatment and that she has you for support. Try to find out every detail of the pathology report and let us know, then we can be more helpful about what exactly to expect.

Keep in touch,

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13 years 3 months ago #3012 by wildbill
Bigsis Hi ! Tomorrow will be one year since this all started for me and I found out i had an agressive type cancer.I had the tur then the 6 weeks of bcg and the dr said I was this close to having my bladder removed but I did not have to and every 3 mounts I get the poke and peek so far so good I wait till 1-15-2007 to see if it grew back  just to let you know what others go through

PS. We all love ya.

Bill H
dob 4-19-1955
Live in la.ca
Plumber 1972----forever
12 grandkids
5 great grandkids

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13 years 3 months ago #3007 by bigsis
I'm new to this site, having learned just a couple of hours ago that my baby sister, who is 50 yrs old, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  :'(

It's such a blow.  She and jubby have been living in SE Poland due to his work.  She has had a "bladder infection" for 2-3 months, but no amount of antibiotics seemed to help.  They came home for their R&R break and she immediately went to her doctor.  Got sent to a urologist, who made the diagnosis.  She's getting a second opinion this coming Tuesday.

From what she said, it's an aggressive form of cancer, but tests (not sure which) show nothing has developed outside her bladder.

I've been reading online since 2 p.m. and found this site.

She's the funniest person in the world!  No one makes me laugh more or harder than my baby sister.  I am heartbroken.  I am intent upon being her most solid supporter.  I know and understand that it is all about her, but I just cannot stop crying.

I'm grateful for this place.

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