The map of the journey--Andy

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Andy it has been wonderful reading of your journey and I know it is very very helpful to many we don't even realize are reading. Once again it has gotten so long 15 pages that I am going to lock it at this point and let you start another leg of your journey. Thanks so much for keeping this going and keep up the good progress!

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Im So glad to hear that your path report is clear! Now you dont have to worry about that and can just concentrate on the recovery process. If your recovery continues at the pace you are on now you will be back to normal in no time!


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Andy, it's great to hear your good news. Hope everything continues to go well for both you and your wife.
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Hey Rick -

All the positive vibes I can muster are heading your way, I'm sure you'll do great! And George is exactly right, you'll feel so good about taking charge of your cancer and beating it. It's daunting getting ready for it and realizing you'll be down for a bit, but in the big picture it's a small price to pay to have your health and your peace of mind for the rest of your life. Go at your own pace, it's the end result that matters.

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Andy: I am 4 days away from my RC and I look forward to your updates every day. I am excited for you being cancer free.... Looks good on you... I appreciate your offer to exchange telephone numbers and will do that once I am home. Right now I am busy getting my recovery room ready, my business ready etc... Rick

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My surgery was 8/8/08 (a day that will live in infamy) I was in the hospital for 8 days and I got nothing to eat during my stay. As I left, I was given a tray of delicious hospital fare (I left it uneaten, as I had a better offer... Mcdonalds)

I was not an unusual case in hindsight. Rudy is the Champion. I am merely an average recovery.

I just set goals. I also did not want to be a burden on my caregiver. My wife was GREAT and was really there for me. But, I still wanted to get this behind me.

I did not go crazy though. I pushed myself but was very careful not to overdo it. Walk, Walk, Walk was my mantra. I also put up photos of golfers, skiers, and racing drivers to give me encouragment.

Some of my favorite little triumphs...... I got dressed every day (I read a story of a cancer survivor who said she would not let this disease take away her dignity. I liked her style and tried to emulate it)
I talked to my friends and family about the experience (only enough so that they were comfortable in knowing that nothing was off limits) I also sat on the front porch and invited my friends to stop for a chat. Aside from the bathroom visits, they would have thought I was perfectly fine.

I think my greatest achievement was around mid Sept when my priest came over for a visit and was amazed at my progress, saying "Did you think a month ago you would feel this good?" My answer was, "heck yeah, that was the whole point!" We had a good laugh about it and he has used that in his other visits to recovering patients.

I wish I had known about this site when I was going through the surgery. I was in the middle of a tornado of activity with very little to hold onto as far as information. As I was at home recovering, I stumbled on this site and, Just as I was starting to feel very alone and slightly depressed, I found these great people who made it through, and continue with the struggle with their heads held high. Just having someone who can relate is a godsend. It also took the pressure off my wife as I could bend someone's ear that had "been there.. done that." She was surprised at how little I talk about it at home. I usually beat a subject to death as I try to wrap my mind around it. I do that here.

One final thought. Everyone recovers at a different rate. This is not a race.... Even for Rudy (the winner and still champion) You will recover, we will help with the down times. AND, You WILL laugh at it all down the road! I promise you will feel a great feeling of having taken charge of an out of control event and tamed it. :side:

George.......sorry for the crushing word count

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