How do we care for our Caregiver?

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How do we care for our Caregiver? was created by GKLINE
Over the last year I have thought about my caregiver. My Wife. She was with me from the start. She was with me when the doctor gave me the news. She was there for every doctor's visit, every surgery, every single cancer event! I tried to shield her and take some of the pressure off, but she wouldn't yeild.
She said "If it's part of your life, It's part of mine" And this, from a person who was not particularly nurturing by nature. She was a very pragmatic "Get over It" person.
During the recovery times she was there. She kept a schedule of appointments, medicines, walks, pt sessions and a thousand other details. She NEVER flinched!
How did she do it?
She was me. What I had, she felt. What I went through, she went through! We were in it together. Our relationship grew in strength 100 times over. We fought the good fight as one!
I got better. I could FEEL better. Every day my body told me things were going along just that little better. I recovered!
I thought my wife recovered too. She did not! She could not feel the physical pain subside. People asked her how "I" was doing, not her. They complimented me on MY recovery, not hers. She was left with the constant worry and a lack of emotional release. She was still in pain, even though I was not.
Then came the day when someone asked HER "How are YOU doing?" She released a torrent of emotions, before she could say " I am still a cancer patient and I can't seem to find a cure"
Once that came out, I realsized just how far down, the emotions of cancer take the caregiver. I stopped trying to protect her from my feelings and she threw hers on the table too. Long frank conversations followed and we shared everything about the experience. Rather that tear us apart, we found amazing strength togehter.
So.... Here is to the caregiver! Never may we forget that they have been diagnosed with cancer tooo! We may want to know all about OUR situation, but they are suffering with us and need to find a cure too.
I know there is a catagory for caregivers and support. But this thread is for the cancer patient. Let US NEVER forget that we need to be ever vigilent of the Most important person on earth. They are being selfless, we need to stop being so selfish and wrapped into ourselves.
This story too, can have a happy ending.

I just thought we ought to give a HUGE Hug to those who suffer right along with us!

George Kline

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