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What i\'ve learned so far......???

10 years 10 months ago #28915 by Nix
Hi Pat,
I couldn't agree more with Sara Anne. I know it seems redundant to say "stick to your guns", because I never doubted you would :)
My last TURB, I also did not meet the anesthetist that would be with me during the brief surgery. However, I was promised once again, my records would be read by the anesthetist before my surgery (I was told this with two previous surgeries, but still awakened very nauseous (for hours), after the surgery. My last surgery, (two years ago) after being wheeled into pre-op and aware I was not given any thing for nausea, I actually demanded to see the Chief of Anesthesia. Lucky he was available, but not a happy camper. He quickly read thur my history and ordered the meds I needed. For the first time at this hospital I did not wake up throwing up for the whole day. I am sure there is an asterik next to my name, but I bet they read my chart next time :woohoo:
You are so wise not to rush into a situation you are not comfortable with. Unfortuately, a lot of medical professionals feel they have seen everything and know all, but as a surgeon told me once - no matter how many other operations they have preformed before, this is the "first" time for you and you should expect (and demand) to be heard and hope for the best outcome.
Hang in there, Pat


Nancy S
dx Ta 11/06
dx Ta CIS 10/07

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10 years 10 months ago #28913 by sara.anne
You are getting a good look at the situation, Pat. Breast cancer "surgery" is getting to be like dental work....pretty minor stuff....unless you are the patient!! And in your case there ARE other major concerns. At least you are smart enough to look elsewhere, if necessary.

A friend went in yesterday for her pre-op for knee replacement. In place of meeting the anesthesiologist, she was shown a video ....which was supposed to take care of everything. I have several major issues when having anesthesia, and if they did that to me I would be out of there so fast....Unfortunately, she is in a Kaiser Medicare Advantage deal where she is a prisoner to the Kaiser system.

Pat, I can't imagine a better educated, sophisticated patient than you are...stick to your guns!!

Sara Anne

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10 years 10 months ago #28905 by vgau
I think that if you don't feel confident in your team then it is smart to find someone else. I'm sorry that you have to do so much of the work.
Wishing you the best,

Dx 10/5 Non Invasive Papillary

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10 years 10 months ago #28904 by Patricia
i think a lot of that money has gone toward paying for women to go into the field.....to date...11 of 12 breast surgeons at MSK are female.....same ratio at Cleveland Clinic...and i suspect is growing all around the country.
My problem now is not that i don't have great insurance because i've got about as good as you can get. I'd love to do the surgery in NY at MSK but should there be any complications and i would have to stay with drainage tubes it would cost one arm and one leg...and not to mention when i did get home who would follow up with me.
My surgeon here, a woman who trained in Chicago and was a fellow at City of Hope and has great credentials ..FACS, PhD and all the trimmings ..i really like. Had to get out of the bladder cancer advocacy mind set which is a different ballgame as there truly are only a handful of great surgeons and institutions who specialize in the field of BLC. Breast cancer not so much. So i was ready to commit to doing it here until today when i was to interview with my suppossed anesthesiologist. That was a complete bust. First the nurse who did the obligitory blood pressure, temp and pulse and then told me about her son who is l3 who loves to sing opera???...Then a student came in so she could here my rales in my carotid which i informed her they were actually bruits. Gotta straighten the students out right? Then a green intern came in who just read my typed out sheet of allergies, surgeries, drugs i was taking and just repeated everything...ok where is the anesthesiologist? Finally a female anesthesiologist comes in...doesn't introduce herself or sit down...i address the Indiana Pouch concern with her and she says .."OH we won't need to put anything in ..its such a short surgery"....and i inform her the Stoma Nurses at Cleveland Clinic said i would need a foley in as the anesthesioligist would look to see output if say my blood pressure started fluctuating........to which she stated that i could bring my own in!!!!.........OK...I asked her if she was to be my anesthesiologist..she says No...I say who is and why isn't he/she here? That was my impression. Oh you never know who you're going to get.....well my confidence level dropped to about a minus 10 at that point as she was clearly in a hurry to get her turkey in the oven. So ..i'm off for another opinion on the 8th at Cleveland with someone who does know what an Indiana Pouch is. Geez...sometimes i feel like i live in Tuscaloosa or on a barren island. I'm so down in the dumps. They didn't even suggest any pre testing...blood, carotid, echocardiogram or even EKG.......HUH? Gotta get out of Dodge huh? I think i should have blogged this...sorry.

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10 years 11 months ago #28447 by GKLINE
I know this is a real pessamistic statment, but, with ALL the money being poured into Breast cancer research.....Do you ever wonder if...they have made some real advances and haven't come out with them because there is a nice living to be made in research....... I didn't say that did I?

Just one of those things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

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10 years 11 months ago #28446 by mmc
Only problem with the button mushrooms is you have to find a petri dish the right size to put your breast in and keep it in there with the mushrooms for a week.

:silly: :blink: :blush:

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2/2014 ct result...spread to liver, kidneys, and lymph...

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