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14 years 7 months ago #285 by rentanag
Many of the people who have their stories on this web site could probably tell you about that because they have traveled to another location to have treatment / surgery.  Not all procedures are performed by doctors everywhere, and not all doctors have the same skill level and you want to find a doctor that can do the best job for you and your husband.  I would expect that the company you have your insurance through would be the best source regarding information about how that works, but it can work that way I'm sure of it.  I have not had the need to travel to another location, but I know it does happen.  I know of one person whose story I've read on the storyboard who lives in Florida and had his surgery in Cleveland Ohio, his name is Roger Barton and perhaps he can tell you how it works.  I'm sure there are others with similar situations, but most of all stop and take some deep breath's really deep ones about five or ten in a row.  You'll be amazed at how you feel after getting all of that good oxygen in your system, and deep breathing is good for your immune system as well.  In fact you should get your husband to join you in the deep breathing, it's really good for you.  After you've done this breathing exercise sit down and make a list of who you can contact about your insurance...your insurance company...the hospital you'd be using where you live - their billing office, or even the hospital you would use at the other location where your families are.  Also the name of the person I mentioned earlier (Roger Barton), he could be another source and I remember in his story he often encouraged others to contact him with questions.  I don't know if any of this is helpful, I hope it is, but no matter what just know that there are many of us here that know what you're going thru and we do care.
Lou Graham

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14 years 7 months ago #281 by pmcgdc
My husband was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. He has stage T1 and the doctor said that it is High aggressive. He is scheduled for surgery in two weeks to remove part of his bladder. We do not live in the same state as most of our family. We don't have any family closer that 8 hrs away. He has said that he wants to go home to be around our families. Does anyone have any knowledge of how Insurance works. I carry our insurance and would have to quit my job to move. I can pickup Cobra, but it is only good for 18 months. When I find a new job, I don't know if my new insurance can deny him because of a preexisting condition. Any information would be helpful.

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