Hubby not diagnosed, but some questions about BC

14 years 5 months ago #2796 by hiswife

He's a relatively healthy man, 54 years old, has mild asthma, non-smoker, drinks beer, but it's rare to exceed 2 in an evening, moderation is his guideword. Good physical shape. Somewhat high cholesterol, BP, but not scary. Sorry to be graphic here, but I'm guessing y'all have heard this stuff before...

We just moved - we're doing it ourselves, so lots of lifting and carrying. Three weeks ago there was blood in his semen. (Verified as his.) Then three days later (after the lifting) he has blood in urine. He went to internist the next day, had DRE, basic onceover, simple blood tests, scheduled urologist, full physical, etc. Since then he's had blood in urine on and off, not a lot, but visible when it happens - like a spurt at beginning, not mixed in with urine. Once he had mucous (he insists it wasn't pus) in urine. Blood in semen several times. No pain, not tired, no loss of appetite, all functions normal. Everything fine except upset over the blood and somewhat stressed over the moving. Now that he's going for tests, there's no blood in the urinalysis they've done, and he's been clear (peeing) for days. His original fear was prostate, but that appears to be just fine. (Still waiting on I think cytology urine test.)

He saw the urologist, PSA came back fine, DRE was fine, IVP was fine, waiting on full bloodwork still. But today during the Cystoscopy the urologist saw "edemous tissue" at the floor of the bladder. He reassured him that it doesn't look like cancer - it's not red or tumorous, just "puffy" and contains fluid, but is scheduling a biopsy next week to verify everything. Uro says it is likely that it's some sort of infection or inflammation that is in the final stages. (WBC is fine.) My poor guy is going for a colonoscopy too before the end of the year. He's not happy to be a guinea pig, but is taking it reasonably well.

So, a few questions from those who have been through all this:

- I can't find any info on "puffy" or edematous bladder - ideas?

- Is there any reason (his idea) to wait for a week or so and re-do cystoscopy Iin case it is some sort of infection resolving and therefore all gone in a week) rather than a biopsy? He's a bit weirded out over general.

- Any other questions we should be asking? Other tests that should be run?

- Does this sound like it could be bladder cancer? The dr didn't seem to think so, but my husband is kind of thrown for a loop at the word "biopsy".

Thanks in advance for any ideas. And thanks for this forum. I read a bit and you folks are pretty amazing. Thanks for the resource and opportunity to ask questions.

"the wife"

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14 years 5 months ago #2799 by wendy
Hi there,

Your husband's doctor is wise to rule out cancer. I quote:
"The chief symptom of bladder cancer is hematuria, or blood in the urine. All people who have visible blood in the urine should be considered to have bladder cancer until proven otherwise. Because hematuria can come and go, a negative result on urinalysis cannot exclude the diagnosis of bladder cancer.3"
3. Dr. Gary Steinberg, MD

That's from Webcafe's section for the newly diagnosed. There's a list of questions to ask as well. YOu need a biopsy for a diagnosis. Urine cytology may also help to rule out bladder cancer. The blood in the semen sounds more like a prostate problem, but a good look with the TUR can also check the prostate, perhaps biopsy that as well to be sure. The doctor seems to know the territory and sounds thorough till now, so that's good.

I have never heard anyone mention 'edemous' describing a who knows, it could be any number of benign conditions. Sorry, I"m not a medical professional.

Keep us posted, and good luck with the upcoming tests. As for the colonoscopy, he's got to do it. There comes a time when we all have to do it...sorry to say.

Take care,

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14 years 5 months ago #2801 by hiswife
Thank you Wendy - this is pretty much what I thought - get the biopsy, then you will know. Let's hope we are happy with the results... We're pretty sure that the prostate isn't an issue given all of the tests now. (cross fingers)

The colonoscopy is icky, but yeah, it has to get done. I wound up having one a few years ago - I was 44 at the time - but my Gyn felt "something". It was hard to get my brain there and not fun, but after getting over the "I am not old enough for this stuff" I was very relieved to know that all was fine. I'm "bumpy" but healthy. Sometimes an overly cautious medical person is a good thing even if they scare you a lot. :)

I'm going to do some more reading on the questions - we're feeling a little overwhelmed here. I think he feels like his dr. is doing a good job - it's good to hear that you're not seeing any red flags. I'm not very good at not being in control - but I guess that's what everyone learns to tolerate/deal with along the way... Getting older sucks. sorry.


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14 years 5 months ago #2810 by lhpdogs
I'll second that notion of "getting old sucks"! I had a bout of bleeding straight blood, and doctor treated it as infection; then nothing for 18 months, then another bout... after cystoscopy, TUR, urine cytology - voila, I have bladder cancer - 47, not a smoker, only other health problem is Type 2 diabetes... anyway, some days I feel like an old lady from all the doctor visits I have every three months for Diabetes, and six months for the cancer (fortunately, it was superficial, Ta Grade 1).... and I say "I'm too young for this!" :-/ BUT, my PCP is young and cute, so I guess it's tolerable!
Stay vigilant, and hope for the best. Be strong, remain fearless!


TaG1 12/05
3 recurrences
BCG started 9/09

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14 years 5 months ago #2814 by wendy
Totally agree with your assessment of getting old, which only seems to happen from the neck down, while between the ears I remain a teenager...

Hold off before delving into bladder cancer information, and don't worry about what kinds of questions you'll want to know until you know exactly what you're dealing with. Info overload is a big hairy beast, and you don't want to make yourself nuts with it. So, I think you might be best off waiting, and with some luck you will never have to familiarize yourself with this territory!


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14 years 5 months ago #2817 by hiswife
Thanks again Wendy and Lauren. I've been doing more searching for bladder and edema, not really finding much of anything - so perhaps that's a good sign. But what I read about BC is certainly scary enough! I think I am going to stop reading now...

The article you recommended (Steinberg, MD) was excellent. Also found some good info off of one of your links to U of Iowa Urology and blood in urine. They mentioned that blood at the beginning was more likely urethra, but of course all the symptoms have been kind of random. I'm hoping we get the urine (cystol...) test back soon which will hopefully not show anything alarming. But I'm on his case regarding the biopsy has to happen asap. Hopefully the dr. will push too. I think DH is just tired of all of this. Up/down, surprise...

Funny thing here - he has great veins for blood tests, etc. With five visits for doctor exams and tests, he has been asked to be guinea pig for beginners doing blood draws or IVs three times now. He was amused for the first two, went along with the third, but she had to poke him four times. :( He's starting to mumble about maybe he can trade his veins against the bill... :lol

Thanks folks for listening. I'm sure you've heard it all before. I have played your role on a rare disease site - that's usually kids in renal failure which is just awful... I know it gets old to answer the same questions. But your heart sure goes out to folks in need.

Lauren - thinking of you. You sure have been through it! Stay healthy and strong.


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