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Dr, are you sure?

13 years 5 months ago #3841 by Patricia
Joe i subscribe to an FDA recall site so i actually get the recalls a day before the public hears about them....check it out........yesterday i got one on baby food!! Organic to boot!!
And Fallon...SELL....the worst cancer cluster in my city is around the Mill Creek Water System..........gee..certainly no connection there huh? pat

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13 years 5 months ago #3837 by Mike
OMG what a coincidence here I just saw that Peter Pan one serial # is being recalled for salimanilia. What's with these suppliers we went thru the produce ordeal and then Taco Bell had their thing to deal with people getting food poisoning. Now it's getting to point you just never know what is going to be next but I'm still eating lol ;) just not what I know may be bad. Best Wishes To All, Joe

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13 years 5 months ago #3832 by joanie
Have a community well they do test and send results I have not drank the water for a few years it tastes so bad lots of chemicals. The well is located at the end of my road about 1/4 of a mile.
The people a little closer to the base have a different water system were told not to drink the water it was contaminated something from the base about 3 years ago then said it was all cleaned up now they have told them once again dont drink the water and have extended it futher. I dont trust any of the water companies buy spring water heavan only knows if that is safe.
Dark chocolate sounds good ;)

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13 years 5 months ago #3808 by Patricia
Fallon.....i can't believe your statistics in your neighborhood.....nevermind the peanut butter....Its Peter Pan by the way. Do you suppose they knocked off the doctor to deter the study!! Check the water!........I actually worked in an Oncologist office at the University here on a temp basis some years ago and he had a map of the city on the wall with red stick pins in it...indicating clusters of cancer in certain neighborhoods!! They know this exists yet get that deer in the headlight look whenever you mention it to them!
I'm going on a diet of dark chocolate...........Pat

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13 years 5 months ago #3804 by joanie
I feel your frustration Pat like you I think all the chemicals that are sprayed on the food also we cooked from scratch now there are so many instant meals you juts stick in the microwave we dont know what kind of preservatives they use.
I have a batch of neighbors that have died with cancer each of my next door neighbors and the ones across from me both husband and wife all around about 18 or more neighbors they were doing some kind of research to find the cause when the doctir was hit by a car and killed sont know waht happened to the study that was about 12 years ago not sure how many have contacted cancer since.
The only thing we had in common was most all Military and living about 5 min from the base.

Have two sisters who passed away with breast cancer a sister who had cervical cancer she survived that only to die with an asthma attack. I have been treated for cancer of the vagina,my niece was being treated for cancer of the cervex while her husband was being treated for a brain tumor.

Guess I have ranted on but to end on the peanut butter discussion just checked my cupboard and found the date was the one they have recalled today maybe will not bother eating any peanut butter until they sort that out.

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13 years 6 months ago #3582 by Patricia
Remember when they thought people who had diabetes were mentally ill? Well i don't either but my doctor told me they actually put them in mental institutions at one time. I do remember when Dr. Sabin came up with the Polio vaccine as he was right here at Childrens Hospital. And i have no doubt that one day there will be a magic bullet for cancers. There's so much research going on...i just read that The Cleveland Clinic has a new trial drug that drastically reduces liver tumors.....of course they're only in mice at the moment. How come so many mice do well in trials and we don't???.. And if it works in Liver cancers why not all tumors?...Lets hope they're onto something there...that would be nice. Pat

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