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blood 2 weeks after (probably noninvasive) surgery

11 years 7 months ago #24059 by thegrinningcat
Thank you Patricia and Cynthia for your responses!
The bleeding is from below, not from the tube (that comes out of the kidney on the side of the body). She is also said to have bacteria in her pouch urine now, but no fever or anything. Mom says she can feel it coming down inside, like when you have your period. But she has no more interior equipment to bleed from vaginally( this started as ovarian cancer and after many years of peace has resurfaced around the urinary tract, thank God only there) The bladder and ut connection from the kidney have also been suspended, urine doesn't come down that way anymore. (not entirely sure if they took UT or bladder all out this time, as it is near impossible to get physicians make clear statements aorund here. They might have taken out the whole affair--though this was not the initial intention of the scheduled surgery, but they explained the technical problems afterwards--or might have taken out just the (superficial?) growth)

She also vomitted heavily for one night a few days later, but attributed that to a new supplement she took shortly before. (Vitamin A on an empty stomache , which may also have been open for a long time or expired) She also has abdominal pain now, but the bleeding is less and comes along with white discharge. Strangely, the physician ( not the urologist) has prescribed her kidney-bladder cleansing tea, though since the bleeding is from the out of service bladder region, the tea wil not be able to pass through there???

Thank you for your support you two! I do believe it's from al the new exercises and consequent entirely new body movements this week that upset the scars. Scabs sound good to me:unsure:

Patricia, if an ileal conduit is a treatment liquid (loca lchemo?) inserted in the bladder, she did not get that, I checked her liquid pouches in the hospital. Unless they give it directly after surgery before i came to see her.

There must be a glossary for al those terms somewhere, I will check later.

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11 years 7 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #24015 by Cynthia
Sorry you had such a hard time getting onto the new site. At the time of the change over an email was sent out to users giving them the information needed to make the change. If in the future you have any further problems please let us know and we will do what we can to make it easier on you; just hit contact in the main menu and send us a message.

First off, never hesitate to call the doctors office if you have questions, it is best to be a pest than sorry. It is good that your Mom has a doctors appointment in a few days; we could all play a game of guess as far as what is going on. And it is always easy to imagine the worst while waiting for facts. I have how ever known people that had scabs let lose weeks after a biopsy and to see bleeding and it sounds like some of the supplements she uses may cause bleeding, but that is just a guess. I will keep my fingers crossed that her recurrence is non invasive and has not progressed. Keep in mind many of us go on to do well after many recurrences.

We are here if you need us and take a deep breath, we all know how terrifying this all is. But try to take care of yourself and not to imagine the very worst until you get all the facts.

Cynthia Kinsella
President ABLCS

Cynthia Kinsella
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11 years 7 months ago #24014 by Patricia
Hi grinningcat....i'm lost again. Is she bleeding from the nephrostomy tube?
Did she get an ileal conduit and the blood is there? Enlighten me. Here's a general guideline from Hopkins on a neph tube and bleeding.
As for iodine overdose......here are the symptoms
But i must admit i'm at a complete loss at what has actually been done to Mom.

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11 years 7 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #24013 by thegrinningcat
Hi all, after 1 hour of trying to log back in here to this new location my nerves are a bit overexposed so I hope I do make sense.
My mom is leaking some blood "like a very week period" 2-3 weeks plus after her latest minor surgery which made her a "plastic bag lady" with a poouch from her kidneys now since the opening could not be widened as had been intended. That was because of new growth which was erazed, and recurrent UTIs.

She is scheduled to see a urologist in 2 days "because the main urologist is down iwth flu", and meantime I am worrying and worrying...

Worst of all is the same day she started to have these symptoms--mind you, not telling me until now--is that I had a nightmare about something like this, and so far all of those have come true, ie. doctors not taking her symptoms seriusly ( the last one was her kidney being strangled--they took this for flu symptoms).

Any suggesttions what it could be? She also started doing exercises to get back into shape, was pretty exhausted from walking in the cold the way it started. Could this also be from an iodine overdoze? She takes iodine and had seaweed--this makes me get my period prematurely--would love to have harmless explanations, but what if it is urgent? Could fluid built up inside and pressure cause this? New Growth? Opening of suregical scars?

Thank you for any suggestions, won't be able to check until tomorrow.

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