Mr Bubbles Is Home!

14 years 5 months ago #2358 by Mike
Mr Bubbles Is Home! was created by Mike
Mr Bubbles is home now.  After many conflicting opinions...... ::)

We are dealing with a double edged sword here.  At first doc said restart Lovenox (blood thinner) and keep a watchful eye on the wine.....I mean urine  ::) (That's Greg's fault that I now mix the two up)....

After some communication between docs the concensus was that he had the IVC filter placed to block any clots so why not let it do it's job and not chance the bladder starting to re-bleed.  Okay...that makes sense to me too.

He is home and snoring.  I used to complain about that but now how I love that sound  :'(

Cath"y" is back to stay for the week.  That little hussy.....I had a feeling she would squeeze her way back in to our lives (no pun intended).  That was part of the deal.........if we come home so does the catheter.  

No Lovenox (belly injections) for at least the week.  A generous scrpit of Percocet, more pyridium, detrol, bactrim and home we are.

There was a mention that Mr C's alpha phosphate (I am not sure if that is 100% what they referred to.  I am onto researching as soon as I finsih this) was high.  If I am correct that indicates cancer......any computer chair quarterbacks wanna venture a guess??

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14 years 5 months ago #2361 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic Mr Bubbles Is Home!

great to know they had the confidence of Mr. Woodie's stability to let him come home - loads and loads of fluids to drink and as much sleep as possible - sounds like the big healer at the moment.

They are unlikely to do anything until the bladder stops bleeding as even if you opt for removal they must be sure they can control bleeding. I would say you were both right to trust the IVF as if it can't be trusted why is it there!

Sounds like Mr. Woodie gets to sleep and rest whilst you do the headless chicken act for a week ;) DON'T ovewrdo it - you are no use to him ill >:(

Pace yourself and don't forget never buy a guard dog if you are determined to crawl around the yard barking :-[ There comes a time that you must trust the Doctors even if they have done an unconvincing job and we all dash to check them out on the internet :(

Good luck and sounds like you couldn't be in a better location.

Keep those hands warm ;)

Greg L-W.

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14 years 5 months ago #2364 by rugrat1956
Replied by rugrat1956 on topic Mr Bubbles Is Home!
Mrs C, Greg is right... you have to make sure to keep yourself healthy and strong. I am sending you all the positive thoughts and vibes I can. this is a difficult time for you both. Keep us posted. Any time you want that custom carpet for your kitchen... give us a yell. We'll see what we can do. ;D ;D ;D
elaine the rugrat.

elaine f.
dob- 1956
female- Indiana, USA
smoked cigarettes- 1975-?
5cm-noninvasive- low grade- papillary
TURB- Sept 11,2006

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14 years 5 months ago #2435 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic Mr Bubbles Is Home!
We took a marathon nap today. :D

I knew MIL was coming over early to drop off leftovers from the monthly family dinner we missed last night. So as soon as my eyes popped open this AM I read the paper and waited for her arrival.

Her visit was brief and then I shut the phone off, pulled the shades and listened to my kids come in and out with their friends and sidekicks and shower and play loud music and then ahhhhhhhhhh sleep! Three hours! Nice....

I never miss the Patriots play football on Sundays.......they are tied going inot the 4th quarter......This is good stress! Have I mentioned before that I love Tom Brady? I LOVE Tom Brady!!

Mr C has had a slowly rising fever all day. Currently it is 101.2......May require a call in the AM.

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14 years 5 months ago #2439 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic Mr Bubbles Is Home!

How is the temperature doing? Do YOU know why or is it the obvious body fighting an infection. With the other fun things he has on the go perhaps a call for Mr. Woodie just for reassurance might not go amiss.

At the risk of voyeurism I wonder if explanation of how old the kids are and how they are coping might not prove of huge value to others who follow on this road - at the end of the day they maintain your equillibrium whilst no doubt driving you to distraction ;) but how are they dealing with their Dad's current illness and are they taking it out on you or tip toeing in your presence :-/

Is their attitude head in the sand or supportive, frightened or challenged into research.

How much is Mr. Woodie communicating his fears and frustrations to you and the kids? Was he a smoker or do you attribute this more to alcohol or wood glues OR WHAT. Has there been any family prewdiliction on his side of the family?

Sorry I'll shut up on this if you like but I just feel that with all the computers around these days we should be doing one hell of a lot more number crunching to understand disease, illness, problems etc.

All too often we know nothing abouit ourselves but can give the running yardage of 100 players no problem [sorry not my sport :(]
I remember taking down Pete Gore (same family as Al) in a 'Rugby' game many years ago at school - his comment was you Brits must be mad to play this without body armour it is much harder than Football! I played a lot of hard sports but couldn't be bothered to watch anyone else play - I've never understood watching sport or pornography! If you enjoy watching get out there and play or buy a mirror ;)

As for excercise nowadays if you need it it might be dangerous ::)

How's your head doing it must bee on overload by now - kind of one of those questions like pulling up the flowers to see if the roots are growing :-[ The kids must be a great help for both of you - even if they are moving you into a padded cell with no windows - as CEO of YOUR hospital just put it down to 'security' ;)

I hope the temperature holds but can't think why it might :(

Good luck and a big hug for ALL the family,
Greg & Lee

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14 years 5 months ago #2440 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic Mr Bubbles Is Home!
Temp is staying steady at 101. I got the okay to administer Tylenol. I figured Doc Carswell might be bored and not writing any more books so I might as well call him on a Sunday afternoon. :P

The only time Mr. C has had a steadily rising temp has been on two occasions. One, recurrence of MRSA infection (PLEASE not now!) and also when he had the DVT building. I would expect that as we are sans blood thinners now. Dr C said call in the AM if the fever is still looking. :-/

Mr C is step dad to 17 and 19 year old boys. They are both good kids. No trouble, not the most motivated of teens but I guess I can't ask for everything. One is graduated and is taking the "year off from school" route. The other will graduate this year and is interested in criminal justice. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

They are considerate and ask the generic "how you doing?" to Mr C. Alot of this above their level of medical comprehension. As teenagers they have the mind set that everyone is invincable. :-?

Oh Mr Woodie. He's nervous and scared. He is a quiet thinking type. I think we will spend some time wrapped up together in a blanket and go thru my highly anticipated delivery of my new book.

Mr C never smoked. I didn't find too much info regarding correlation between alcohol and BC. We did discuss with the docs his lifetime of working with pressure treated wood and dust. Pressure treated wood contains loads of chemicals.

Aren't sports and pornography quite similar??? ;D

I would get out there and play with Tom Brady if they let me!

During researching today I found a few studies that stated that too many docs are acting too radically when it comes to suggesting cystectomy. Specifically at the stage and grade of Mr C's ..........
Yes, my head is going to pop........

My hands are warm and so is my heart

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