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My test results

11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 8 months ago #22860 by Cynthia

Non invasive low grade is great to hear and the best case as far as bladder cancer is concerned. From the wording of the second opinion on the pathology report it seems there are still some unanswered questions. With your age it would still be a good idea to go to a center of excellence for bladder cancer such as Anderson just to clarify the situation.

The trick will be to do lifelong surveillance of you blc to make sure that it remains low grade. Blc has a high rate of recurrence and if that happens it will not be a bigger deal than this occurrence as long as it stays low grade. As time goes on and you have check after check for many it is easy to become apathetic and they do not keep up their rechecks. But I have known people that have gone ten years and out of the blue had a reaccurance at a higher grade. Do not live in fear of your blc returning but make sure you always do your rechecks the idea here is to catch anything early when it is manageable. One day if all goes well you will get to the place it will be a once a year check but know the signs of re-occurrence and get in if you have any worries at all.

Keep us updated on what you decide to do as far as a second opinion.

Cynthia Kinsella
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11 years 8 months ago #22859 by dhqdizz
So I went into my Uro today to get a Urinalysis done.
Only to find out i have another UTI and they couldn't do the test till next week.
So I'm wondering...is it really the cancer that is still causing the UTIs or something else?

I asked for the copies of the pathology, I'm going to type what they both say...I'm a little confused on some of the words but it makes a little sense.

First pathology Report:

"Bladder wall Polyp/biopsy
The specimen is a bladder biopsy containing 1mm of tan tissue. It is completely Embedded.

Microscopic examination:
Microscopic sections contain bladder biopsy with a papillary tumor. This has enlarged and hyper chromatic nuclei. No evidence of Invasion is seen. The overall impression is that of a low grade papillary tumor, however an inverted papilloma cannot be completely ruled out. a second opinion with be obtained.

Final diagnosis:
Bladder biopsy of wall: consistent with papillary transitional cell carcinoma, Grade 1 (noninvasive), second opinion pending."

Second Pathology report from the Mayo Clinic:

"Dear Dr....

This letter is in regard to the case you submitted in consultation on your 19 year old female patient ..... I had an opportunity to review the single H&E stained slide prepares from this patient's urinary bladder wall biopsies as well as had a chance to share the case in consultation with my colleague's. The three of us agree that this is a very challenging case based on the morphologic features as well as the relatively young age of theis patient. In the end, we feel this does represent a neoplastic process and do not feel convinced that the combination of findings morphologically support the designation of either and inverted papilloma or an outright grade 1 (low-grade) papillary urothelial carcinoma. it appears this patient with require additional surveillance either by urine cytology or repeat cystoscopy and certainly correlation with the clinical impression,including family history and possible exposures.

Our pathology report read as follows: "urinary bladder, wall, biopsy: Papillary urothelial neoplasm of low malignant potential with inverted features."

So reading this from what I've understood...makes me feel better in a way, that maybe i don't need a second opinion but i wanted to hear what you guys thought.
I'm still pretty confused on what to do...I'm going tomorrow to talk to my primary care giver on base to ask him but I'd like to hear from people who've been through this.

Thank you guys again for all your help. :lol:

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