Mr Bubbles is back in the hospital

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Yes I will remeber this Thanksgiving.........I hate when you are always right! :P

It will also be easily remembered because I thought the irigation instrument looked like a Turkey baster. It was just so painful and I would rather endure the pain than see Mr C have to deal with it.

The continous flow irrigation is of course mcuh less painful but they are not sure it is "doing " the trick. Mr C at least has morphine at his disposal so that is keeping calm and a bit goofy. He asked me how his moustache looked and I said Why? He said "Is it still under my nose?......who needs the bong to relax and hallucinate. :D

I am writing from my office right now. I actual did some paperwork that I never can seem to keep up with.

I'll make sure Mr C is all set for the night and then go home and chill. [smiley=bath.gif] [smiley=beer.gif]

So how was your Turkey?? :question

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Replied by Mike on topic Mr Bubbles is back in the hospital

I said you would remember this Thanksgiving.

You have a long road to his recovery so be very careful you don't over do it - they don't give discounts for ajoining beds!

It is scarey but do know he is in the best place - I had to have the catheter cleared several times as it kept blocking with clotted blood - I actually faulted the treatment as I said they should have put me on irrigation until I ran clear.

I was so aware of the need to flush I was drinking iced water constantly and then Cath got stuck in her ways and wouldn't budge - I coughed and the fluids bypassed the Cath, the bed looked like a massacre ;) after that they used the syringe flush every 20 minutes for a couple of hours to make sure there was no blockage.

It sounds to me that Cath blocked and the flow was OK when it was removed but then, because of the build up the urethra blocked.

I believe he would have been much better served by irrigation as that also prevents build up of pressure also keeps the content of the bladder acid neutral.

You may find that the flank pain is both due to back-up on the kidney but also medical organ shock - this is nasty and painful but solvable.

Again and again I hear of overly complex procedures done in surgery rather than theatre and far to great a willingness to discharge too soon. It may be cost effective but I question the medical wisdom.

I'm not going to say don't worry but do make sure you realise you have warm hands and YOU must take care of yourself physically and emotionally - your health matters as you have to function for both of you but I have every faith you will and even if I am holding your habds it won't stop me kicking your butt if you don't take care of yourself.

22.34hrs my time I'll be here till at least 01.00hrs. if you need to talk - use my eMail or phone.

Say hi to your other half when you see him next and a hug from us.

Greg L-W.

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14 years 11 months ago #2272 by Mike
Hi all
Mr C was admitted into the hospital this AM.  Yesterday at the urology appointment he did complian of some right flank pain.  After we chatted about the tumor, the plan and so on she sent him for a renal ultrasound.  She did note that during the surgery she not able to at any point view the right ureteral orifice.  She was afraid he may have extra fluid in the kidney if it wasn't draining properly.  Renal ultrasound looked fine and we came home.

Well in the middle of the night ...3AM...Mr C was in horrible pain......pale, sweating, dry heaves and a steady stream of blood streaming from his penis...... off to the ER we went.

After the CT scan results came back it showed a tennis ball size blood clot in the bladder.  A urologist came in and inserted a catheter and did continuous bladder irrigation for approximately 1/2 an hour. He would fill a very large syringe like vessel, inject into the catheter and then suck it out......over and over and over again.  Mr C was in so much that twice I asked the doc to stop and let them give him more pain med.  He did and by the time the doc was finsihed Mr C was a little more in control of the pain.

So now he is admitted.  They need to reirigate the bladder again sometime today, he needs a blood transfusion per his lab work and he needs pain control.  

I just stopped home to freshen up, make a few calls, and get a grip.  Will update soon!

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