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Mr and Mrs Carpenter R Home with Cath"y"

13 years 10 months ago #2206 by Mike


Bong Babies what don't have the bottle to scare off Mother in Law and run guided tours of Cath's habits don't scare me off that easy!

I know what the keep off the grass signs really mean ;)

Having slept with Cath on many occasions I am absolutely certain you are quite right and it is not one ounce of vanity! As a point of interest is The Clot going to be merely an ex of yours and you can enjoy all whether protected by the umberrella. Or is it a long road back to normal whether?

You were concerned before the op. that such had to be couched in carefull terms!

I do hope all is well on Wednesday but that in the interim Cath can leave on Monday.

That they found Mr. Woodies measured achievement of 10cms. is in many ways merely luck - if he had NOT had MRSA all too easily he could have overlooked the other symptoms and still have bladder cancer undetected - most men are notorious for being blaze [cowards] about plumbing. They foolishly see it as an insult to their very personna - where women are far more sensible and thus often detected far earlier.

Greg L-W.

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13 years 10 months ago #2201 by Mike
Oh nice of you to show up.........I thought I scared you away. I refer to Myself as President of the Bad Luck Club......not only the President but also a client ;D Some are scared to even associate with me!

Mr C is in a hurry to break up with Cath"y" tomorrow morning. She isn't as comfortable to snuggle with as I am :P

All in all we had a quiet weekend. I ignored most phone calls. Mom and Mom In Law dropped by. They brought presents so they were allowed past the guard dog (I wear many hats around here) :)

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13 years 10 months ago #2198 by Mike

FANTASTIC [/color][/b] THE Carpenters are on thr mrnd - Mr. Woodie Carpenter brought Cath home and Bubbles played measure for measure - now that all is well she has until Wednesday to wait until she can get her bong out and really celebrate before sending it to Elaine in Indiana while whittles his way to making the stand for Houka & the Cath.

I've JUST got back from a weekend with friends and I was so relieved that all was well with Mrs. Carpenter and Woodie and Bubbles is hoping to have a quiet weekend before all Mr. Woodie's mates (the CHIPmonkes) come around to see Cath having heard he's sleeping with her and boy are they in for a surprise ;D

Well keep us informed and I hope you had the quiet weekend you hoped for to get over the recent Challenges.

Good luck to The Carpenter's ship and all who sail on her!

Now to hunt the site and see if the RugRat has been on pigout or pity.

Keep us all informed and keep up your tremendous support - we are all thinking of you.

Greg L-W.

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13 years 10 months ago #2164 by wendy
Welcome back home, Mr and Mrs Carpenter. You're right, just stick together this weekend and let the hordes wait until you're ready to 'receive' guests. Your husband probably needs it, that must have been a very no - fun surgery.

Here's hoping for a friendly path report.
You're lucky to have each other.

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13 years 10 months ago #2159 by Mike
We made it home.  What a long day.  And yes, Cath"y" is here too-- resting comfortably between my hubby's legs.  Well, not so comfortably but we also got Pyridium and Ditropan which I gave him about half an hour ago and hopefully it will help with the weird feeling he has.   :(

Doc said the tumor was 10cm.  Most of it was attched to the bladder wall.  There was not a stalk.  We will go Monday to drop Cath"y" off.  

I am keeping a temperature journal, output journal, medication journal (which I do for the coumadin and Lovenox shots anyhow)........did I miss anything.   :question

I have lots of people who want to come and visit over the weekend and we really don't want company......we just need this time to come down from the adrenaline high.  I feel selfish but too bad.  

Next Wednesday will be the pathology report and plan of attack.

Sincere thanks to all of you have listened, made me laugh, helped prepare me, and just accepted me with open arms into this forum.  I am forever greatful.

Kisses and hugs to all.   :-*  :-*  :-*

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