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Mr and Mrs Carpenter R Home with Cath"y"

14 years 1 month ago #2235 by Mike


maybe just hit MIL - then ask the questions - then Bling Bong Bangh to celebrayte ;)

Is Mr. Woodie talking or internalising?

It will be OK - but life don't come easy!

Don't forget Carol King did better than Carol Carpenter so stick to the breeze and the bong in the park - Toooo serious and you know what happened to Carol Carpenter.


Greg L-W.

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14 years 1 month ago #2234 by Mike
Trust me.......the Big Bong Theory sounds better and better each day.... ;D

I figured that the depth was necessary to get an accurate pathology report. I have read the many posts regarding under staging and .........yes......the deeper the better to get an accurate sample. Your always such the voice of reason :P

Mrs U also said at no point could she visualize the right ureteral orifice.....not sure what assumption I can make of that. She did say she made several attempts to unroof it.....

Maybe MIL should hit the BB so I can keep my questions in order.... ::)

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14 years 1 month ago #2232 by Mike


OK so you frightened MIL - don't worry probably just control measure :(

As for the depth of tissue taken this is NOT an indication of depth of tumour merely of depth of Mrs. Uro's care, ensuring she can head off problems that MIGHT occur rather than determination to prove the worst.

YOU CAN relax - the biopsy is merely a routine attention to detail.

Try to hide the bong from MIL or she will be trying to nick the stash to make brownies for the Happy Valley Nursing Home (why do you think they are all so happy there ;)

I am sure Mr. Woodie is now in good hands and can count on a rapid return to normality 8-)

Greg L-W.

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14 years 1 month ago #2230 by Mike
She didn't give an explanation for the inaccuarte size estimations. I didn't think to ask either. Once the surgeon approaches you after surgery your mind goes blank.....at least mine did anyways. I was prepared mentally more than MIL --who broke down sobbing--so my immediate impulse was to comfort her and all other questions left my mind.

When the cancer was first diagnosed I did some research about all the drugs that hubby has had since his fisrt hospitalization August first and none seem to related to this.

Is it usual protocol to remove part of the detrusor muscle layer? If so, is it because the tumor was that deep or for pathology reasons only?

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14 years 1 month ago #2226 by Mike

Mrs. Uro was surprised at the size.  The CT report estimated 3.5.  The in office Cysto estimate was 5cm. ;D


has Mrs. Uro given, or tried to give, an explanation for the large expansion in her hands? :o

Was it that she under estimated or had he enlarged with her ministrations? :-/

IF there has been an expansion whilst he was in her hands might this be related to the other drugs he is taking?

Personally I think you were right to stick to the bong!

Greg L-W.

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14 years 1 month ago #2213 by Mike
Mr C has found the big puffy chair much more comfy than the hospital bed we still have from MRSA surgery and outbreak #1. We must own it by now ::)

I am still poking Hubby twice a day with Lovenox injections. Tomorrow we will start building up the Coumadin level again. By weeks end I should be able to stop treating him as a pin cushion. I will miss the power I feel holding the needle to get what I want but I am learning other methods that work as well. ;)

The tumor was an incidental finding for sure. His infectious diease doctor is a one in a million and if it wasn't for him and his dedication, great bedside manner, brilliant mind and the fact he has become quite attached to both of us.........I don't know where in this situation we would be. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

The only symptom Mr C ever had was the gross hematuria. With everyone thing else going on at the time, IV antibiotics 4 hours a day 7 days a week, surgery, blood clots.......I NEVER thought the blood in the urine was bladder cancer. I really just thought there would be an explanation for it. :-[

So hootie.......Hubby is a prime example that sometimes there are no signs or symptoms and that is why you need to stop worrying about the "what ifs" and deal with the "what is". :)

Mrs. Uro was surprised at the size. The CT report estimated 3.5. The in office Cysto estimate was 5cm. I wonder if hubby weighs less now?? ;D

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