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A question from tomd

11 years 10 months ago #21333 by drosenberg
I had been passing a lot of blood, but that would occasionally clear up. Cytology results were negative. Cystoscopy found two tumors. Don't take chances. Have it done.


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11 years 10 months ago - 11 years 10 months ago #21332 by Cynthia
Yesterday I recieved a call from this gentlemen. He asked me to post this note from him and to also ask for referal to good Uros in the South Carlolina area if he is dxed he is ready to traval to the best, but that is getting the cart before the horse. My answer to him was to get the biopsy done so that he would know for sure what he is dealing with; read on and let him know if you agree with me. He will be checking in for our answers.

Hi Cynthia

We talked about reliability of tests. I have had gross hematuria on and off for about 2 1/2 years...every 4 or 5 months there has been a recurrence. Last recurrence (2 weeks ago) was by far the worst, with lots of clots as well as blood. I am 65, obese, and a 2 1/2 pack a day lifelong smoker.

Urovision cytology test shows negative for cancer cells. CT Scan normal. PSA normal. Urine looks normal again....now that I have stopped taking 162 mg. aspirin daily dose.

I am scheduled for cytoscopy with bladder biopsy under anasthesia. Should I still have this done given the negative on cytology test and the return of normal-looking urine? How big a chance would I be taking to stop now? I hate to keep arranging my life around more and more tests.

Best wishes. I hope to hear from some of your friends.


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