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First Symptoms

13 years 10 months ago #2105 by Skeech
Thank you all!! Great idea about building the bridge - I'll try to be careful there..

The Wife, good luck with your husbands surgery tomorrow!

The CT is today and I expect we will know much more Next Wednesday afternoon (22nd after scope) and hopefully be having a very welcome Thanksgiving time.

I will let you know good news or not - thanks for listening. I guess the waiting is the hardest part, it doesn't bug my hubby at all - just me ::)

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13 years 10 months ago #2098 by Mike
Hi Skeech

Hubby's only symptom was gross hemeturia. Not all day but usually first thing every morning. :-?

In our situation it was a 5 day time frame from CT scan to urology appointment. The Cystoscopy was done at the appointment and the urologist expalined to us what she was seeing as she did the Cystoscopy. I requested to watch the procedure. I don't know if all docs let the spouse stay in the procedure room. :) If you want to be there, just ask. The worse they can do is say no. There was a screen to watch what the scope was seeing inside the bladder and the doctor explained the different things as she scanned different areas (and NO Greg she never mentioned coral reef.....that was my own interpretation :P)

I was much relieved to see that the procedure was not painful for hubby. That was my concern but he never even flinched---I however wanted to sit down and cross my legs!

I would love to be in the operating room tomorrow for his surgery but there is too much red tape. Bummer.

As for the statisitics that were rattled off by the doc, don't let that bog you down. [smiley=thumbdown.gif]

I'm new at this too but stick around! These people will have you feeling better in no time. Keep us posted! ;)

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13 years 10 months ago #2083 by hootie_9
Maybe it's inflammation like prostatitis, urethritis or both.. I commonly get that.. for about 7 years now and I'm only 26. It can be important to note at where in the urine stream (beginning, middle, end or throughout) the blood is. Did you do a CT or Ultrasound to confirm it's not stones? Some types of stones won't show up on plain normal x-rays, uric acid especially.

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13 years 10 months ago #2077 by wendy
Sorry to read about your worries. The CT results will be available when he gets the cysto, and those results will be available right after it. Sounds like things are moving along and you will have a clearer picture of things next week.

Greg makes good points.

Good luck with things,

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13 years 10 months ago #2063 by Mike

Cancer is VERY unlikely but do EVERY test you can to prove it isn't cancer - then start trying to establish exactly what caused it.

A flexi could show up a crystaline stone which has broken open a capillary - no major problem but you MUST establish a reason.

The clotting sounds like quite a large bleed that then stopped.

You NEED a reason and keep forcing them to identify cause not symptoms.

It is entirely possible, albeit unusual, that jogging can cause bleeding but lifting is even more unlikely as a cause.

DON'T panic, Cancer is a low likelihood and even if it goes that way then is the time to start to face that Challenge never build bridges before you find the river as all too often you expend much energy building the wrong type bridge!

Good luck - NEVER miss a check up, NEVER let the medics fob you off.

Greg L-W.

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13 years 10 months ago #2052 by Skeech
Hi All.

I have been reading for about a week now.  I hope you all are fighting your situations well and trying to smile when given the opportunity!!

My husband, 51 yo, had what is 'transient hematuria' 10 days ago, blood in his urine, kind of clotlike and a little stinging over a two hour time. We decided to go to ER, as it was Sunday night.  No UTI, no stones, thought prostate was ok, urine came back normal. Scheduled to see Urologist that Thursday.

Urologist wants CT and cytoscope and says 1 in 5 chance it's cancer, 4 in 5 it's something else.  They ran blood/urine tests; just came back today - all normal.  CT is scheduled later this week and scope next Wednesday.   (He has been just fine since that 2 hour episode)...

I'm wondering a couple of things.
1) What were you first symptoms (he's had no pain, other than the 2 hour stinging when the blood was coming out)?  
2) Could this be from lifting something heavy about 2 hours prior? (Doctor thought probably not??)
3) Will we get results from CT or Cytoscope immediately following?

He is a non-smoker.   Hey, thank you for reading his story and taking time to share your stories!

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