Overstaging of T1

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Overstaging of T1 was created by Rosie
I posted this in answer to another topic but feel it good to post for everyone to see. There have been many statements of T1 being understaged stating various percentages of the time. I want to clarify all that T1 is often overstaged also. - www.blcwebcafe.org/padova1.asp bottom of page REVIEW PATHOLOGY. WHY IT IS CRITICAL.

T Category variation
According to the literature, an initial T1 tumor is downstaged to Ta between 35-53% of cases, while between 3 and 10% of them a T2 or higher is considered

My initial pathology was stated as a T1a (verbally by doctor as the pathology report itself did not state anything other than papillary TCC grade 11/111. Because of the initial opinion of my urologist, I went through 21 needless and ineffective BCG treatments. I have had recurrences and changed urologist. The path reports state a papillary TCC TA grade 1/III or 11/III If my initial staging had been correctly identified as a papillary TA TCC II/III. The BCG treatments would not have been prescribed and my anxiety factor would have been lessened tremendously.

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