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Now it\'s time for me to decide

12 years 5 months ago #20233 by Sam91403
Hi Steve
Decisions are always difficult to make. My husband ( who has a neobladder done at Norris) was treated at both USC and UCLA. Dr. DeKernion is very highly thought of. We have a physician friend who had surgery and treatment with him. Unfortuanately, my husband's treatment at UCLA was with someone else. He left there after a reoccurence and moved to USC. I've watched and heard about Dr. E. Skinner and everything is very positive. The overall experience at USC is far more compassionate and user friendly. Their skill and experience with neobladders is extensive. Why don't you send us a messege if you want more info.


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12 years 5 months ago #20230 by PeterK

It you can afford it, go to UCLA or USC, particularly if you elect the neo-bladder. Experience and reputation counts. If you stay in Vegas check out your surgeon's experience thoroughly.

I was lucky to find a great surgeon in Scottsale, Az, just as I was setting up appointment at UCLA. I went with outside bag, however, probably would have gone to UCLA or USC for neo-bladder.

Good luck,

Peter Konomos

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12 years 5 months ago #20198 by Patricia
Hi Steve...i am familiar with USC/Norris...and Eila Skinner is consistently listed as one of the top doctors in the US and its an excellent center that specializes in bladder cancer.
I'm sure you already have interviewed with Eila but thought i'd throw the link in anyway.

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12 years 5 months ago - 12 years 5 months ago #20197 by eddiek

I don't have any experience/recommendation regarding the Drs. or hospitals that you mention. However, several of the individuals on the Forum may be able to provide further information.

What type of diversion are you considering? If you haven't made a decision on the type of diversion that you are considering, now's the time. As you can probably image, no doctor can guarantee that you'll be able to receive a more complicated diversion like one of the continent diversions. There are pre-operative considerations that could drive the decision, but there are also issues encountered during the operation that could impact type of diversion. Have you discussed post-operative quality of life issues with both doctors? If you have, are you satisfied with their answers and their commitment to addressing any of your concerns?

If you have made a decision on the type of diversion that you are considering, then an obvious question would be how many types of a particular diversion has each candidate surgeon/hospital performed. If their statistics are similiar, then your decision becomes more difficult, but you might want to consider the support services offered by the hospital. Do they have a specific floor or wing for your recovery?
Will you have a private room? Will family members be allowed to stay with you (beyond normal visiting hours) following your operation? Is one hospital more convenient for your family?

Regardless of your decision, you'll be in our thoughts for a successful operation and full recovery. Please keep us posted and consider participating in one of the weekly chats; the Sunday chat is a very good forum for real time information exchange.

Ed K.

Edward J. Kinsella
American Bladder Cancer Society
Board of Directors - Secretary/Clerk

& Caregiver

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12 years 5 months ago #20194 by Gene Beane
Welcome Steve,
Oddly enough we have a member who is from Vegas who had his r/c just last Friday, he is in New York though for surgery, he has family there etc. and a good surgeon.
I am opposite side of the US, so I am not much help, others have gone to UCLA and I am sure you will hear from them. My husbands was done at THE CLEVELAND CLINIC, HE HAS THE OUTSIDE BAG. The neo was not a chice for him because of heart issues.
Sounds like your choices are in line, surgeons, I can see you did your homework.

Ginger Beane

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12 years 5 months ago #20192 by SteveLasVegas
I’ve done my research and seen 4 doctors regarding my bladder cancer.
Brief recap:
Pathology of TURBT reported: 6/2008 55 year old male - high grade urothelial dysplasia, non invasive and high grade urothelial carcinoma with lamina propria invasion, no muscularis propria invasion identified.
I’ve decided to have the cystectomy and bypass the BCG treatment option.
I’ve narrowed it down to UCLA Dr. deKernion or USC Dr. Eila Skinner.
I would appreciate any input from your research or experiences regarding hospital/doctors.
It’s D(ecision) Day for me.

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