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Question about testing

14 years 3 weeks ago #1945 by wendy
Hi Jeanette,

That sounds like your husband had a T1 tumor since it invaded the lamin propria. The doctor would have been wise to treat more aggressively, be more careful. Don't know if a CT or MRI at diagnosis would have changed the outcome at 3 yrs though...

CTs are sometimes used for intitial staging but I don't hear about MRIs getting used for it, only for when things get more serious.

I'm sorry about the way things went.


PS May I suggest that you post any future messages under the section for metastatic cancer? It might attract more people dealing with the same issues.

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14 years 3 weeks ago #1935 by Jmema
Hi Elaine,
Sorry I didn't see your question on the 4th. That was only two days home from the hospital and I guess I still had some cranial cobwebs from the anesthesia. ::)
Anyway, my path report was T2, High Grade, Minimal invasion into the muscle and no lymph node involvement. I was given the cat scan and blood work before the TURB and the bone scan and chest X-Ray after the TURB.
I had my surgery on Oct. 19th. and I had an ileal conduit and am having trouble finding the right bag but they assure me it takes time and all will be fine. I know it will all be good in the end. That is one thing cancer does for you. It changes your perspective and gives you patience so I just leave it up to God. He is better at all of this than I am anyway.
I am wishing you the best and hope all goes well for you.

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14 years 3 weeks ago #1932 by Jeannette
the diagnoised was "grade 2 Transitional Cell Carcinoma with foclal invasion into the lamina propia, no muscle invasion is reported" thats word for word from the dotors report, what it means I don't really know. we only saw a urologist no oncologist at the time..but the doctor made it sound to us like BCG would cure it.. we did ask for other test but we were told they weren't needed....

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14 years 3 weeks ago #1905 by amy
Hi Jeanette

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. What was the original pathology, ta or t1, low or high grade and was there Carcinoma in situ? I am also wondering why they did not do more tests. Did he see a urologist oncologist or just a urologist?


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14 years 3 weeks ago #1902 by Jeannette
thanks for asking. right now my husband is doing chemotherapy it is kicking his ass (which leads us to believe that it is kicking the cancers ass too) he does his treatments in  one month cycles,(once a week) 1st week is cisplatin and gemzar 2nd and 3rd week is gemzar only 4th week he has off. the 1st cycle took about 7 weeks beause he got so very sick from the first treatment.. after  the 2nd treatment  his blood count was to low so they had to wait.. he just had his 1st treatment of the 2nd cycle (cisplatin and gemzar), he feels sick but not as sick as he did after the first one he is suppose to get his 2nd treatment tommorrow i sure hope he is up for it, sorry if all that was confusing,, we do have an oncologist we like and as far as i know the treatments he gets are very aggressive,,,he doesn't live each day in pain he has had some good weeks so far. and believe me,, we do cherish each other and do try and live each day to the fullest without making cancer our number one thought

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14 years 3 weeks ago #1895 by skypilot
MY insurance Humana one always takes at least 50 percent off the invoice fron the docs and hospital all of them. Don

Hanging in there!

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