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worried I have BC.. been suffering for months

14 years 1 month ago #2216 by Mike

Mrs. Uro will probably want to see he is clear of Frank once Cath goes and the the retentive volume on a hand scanner as they tend to want to be sure the bladder is voiding near fully.

One side effect is that the bladder retains too much after voiding and stale urine left in the bladder produces its own problems.

At 46 and fundamentally healthy [non obesse etc.] he should have no problems.

Good luck but even better luck for Wednesday.

Greg L-W.

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14 years 1 month ago #2212 by Mike
Actually, Greg, Mrs Uro will do the deed. ;)

She wants to check him anyways. He also has to do a voiding trial before we can come home. :-/

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14 years 1 month ago #2210 by Mike


Bubbles - if you are a worry wart with the bong will you cope lending it to the infamous RugRat of Indiana? :-/

I hope she gets it soon because it sounds to me like she is trying to cut her hospital's costs by getting her weight down so that they don't bother with XRays any more they just hold her up to a 40 watt light bulb! :o

If you graduate to the Cath's Houka and Mr. Woodie shows you how to make a stand - will that up the hit to reduce the worry? :-/

If a worry wart stops worrying do they become just a wart? ;D ::)

Are you extricating Cath from her present luxury or will Mr. Uro act for you - good luck Monday but much more important when all goes well on Wednesday CELEBRATE!

Greg L-W

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14 years 1 month ago #2208 by Mike
Yes!  What he said!   / \    <~~~~~~~ that is supposed to be an arrow!
It really is senseless to worry when you have an alternative.........find out!

I'm the only one around here that can be a worry wart!  :-/

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14 years 1 month ago #2207 by Mike

Hootie - read this whole thread from the beginning and then ask yourself why are you asking?

The repetition of symptoms and determination to hear a diagnosis of Bladder Cancer seems strange to me!

I have had Kidney Cancer for about 2 years from 1999  to 2001 when I had a nephrectomy - no pain, no problems merely two isolated occurrances of frank/gross heamatoria [Frank = easily visible; gross = dark and undeniably; hematoria = blood in the urine].

OK since early 2002 I have had bladder cancer - I have NEVER had bladder pain and I have NEVER had spontaneous hematoria except as a result of a NON cancerous cause in the bladder - I had a crystaline stone in the bladder which without pain fractured a capillary.

Now back to you:
We can only comment based on experience, we do NOT offer crystal ball surgery, nor do we give diagnosis based on verbal symptoms - we can tell you based on personal experience what we would do in your position.

We have told you, not once but several times - we do NOT believe it is Bladder Cancer but the only way to KNOW is to have a flexiblecystoscopy where a fibre optic lense and light are passed through the urethra to inspect the inside of your bladder.

IF you want to go on believing you have bladder cancer, you want to keep telling us all symptoms we have stated are unlikely IN OUR EXPERIENCE to indicate bladder cancer, if you do not want the check that will give you an almost deffinitive answer why are you asking on this list?

I do appreciate that it might make a good story for an irresponsible newspaper to keep asking the same question and seek a different answer but was it not Einstein who said that to keep carrying out the same experiment and expect a different answer was the first sign of madness - IF you are worried you have Bladder Cancer please do as everyone would seem to have suggested HAVE A FLEXI!

I do not believe that you have bladder cancer - I do feel that you may have a STD or STI - you may also have bladder stones or you may have either a stone or obstruction in a kidney - but without testing I, like everyone on this list, can ONLY be wrong!

Please arrange a flexi and let us all know what the result was and we will do all we can to help.

If you just want to ask the same question and deffine symptoms to get a given answer do let us know what answer you want and why.

We seem collectively to postulate that your condition is unlikely to be bladder cancer and it would be wise to listen and eliminate that fear as fast as possible by having a flexi.

Good luck.

Greg L-W.

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14 years 2 months ago #2170 by Mike
Hi Hootie

I'm a new kid on the block here (Hey two bands Hootie and the Blowfish and New Kids on the Block- HA!) [smiley=cheesy.gif]

The symtoms and signs vary widely from person to person when it comes to bladder cancer. Someone may have one symptom, someone may have none and yet another may have multiple.

Try to pin down the doctor that is ordering the Cytology and Ultrasound and tell him/her point blank your concern regarding bladder cancer. Sometimes we have to be blunt with docs for them to understand what our concern is.

Tell him/her I want to have a conclusive test or tests done to rule out bladder cancer. Period.

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