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Questions to ask post TURB?

12 years 8 months ago #16443 by CattailGal
My Mom goes in for her TURB next week with the new doc at Vanderbilt. She was told she may have a catheter. It was never even mentioned as a possibility prior to the last three TURBs over the last 5 years with her local doc. As a result, she will stay in Nashville overnight at a hotel, to ensure all is okay (we live 5 hours away).

The doc is going in to try to see where the positive DNA results are coming from with Mom's CIS - bladder, kidneys, etc.

Pat - you also had CIS? I don't know if there's anywhere here where people post their "bladder cancer history" so to speak.


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12 years 8 months ago #16430 by newbie08
Hi all,

Thank you all for your replies, I found them all very helpful!

Tomor is the day of the turb, hoping everything will go well!!

I will keep ye informed and no doubt I'll have more questions to ask after I meet the doc tomor...

Thanks for all the support!

Keep us in ye're prayers x

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12 years 8 months ago #16397 by fearandfight
Every person, every case, every tumor are all different best to wait for the biopsy from the Path Lab. Joe ;)

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12 years 8 months ago #16373 by Patricia
Depends on the expertise of the uro...my first one said it was such a tiny tumor he could hardly find it...didn't expect it to be anything much.....wrong.....
tiny tumor was growing out of CIS....
Pathology ultimately gives you an answer but you also hope you're at a place with a great pathologiy department. So really not many questions will be answered fully until the report comes back.
And you're right..i think they leave the caths in men more than women..if the urine is clear they take it right out...i think with the men with their much longer urethra they just don't want to risk having to put one back in if there is some bleeding..much more traumatizing than to a female.

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12 years 8 months ago #16365 by tahoemom
I will have a catheter in case of extra bleeding from blood thinners. It was irritating , but not too bad really.

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12 years 8 months ago #16363 by lhpdogs
You know, it was never even mentioned to me, pre-TURB, that I might have a catheter.. And I didn't. I'm so glad, too. Of course it hurt to pee for a little while, but the idea of going home with that inside of me just creeped me out! Otherwise, in the scheme of things, post-TURB side effects are few - some have bladder spasms for a little while - I never did.

Of course, on this BC journey, I have had to put up with more invasion of my urethra than I ever thought possible, and for my last checkup (when they found more cancer after 2 years clean), I swear it seized up and he had a darn time getting the scope in. I told him my urethra was staging a protest and was tired of being invaded.. ::)

Seems as if more men go home with catheters than women -

Best wishes to your Dad.

TaG1 12/05
3 recurrences
BCG started 9/09

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